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How to set Dedicated Server on rFactor ?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mtommi Tam, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Because i use router,
    so,have rfactor menu to teach about set server?
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    You can setup a rF server in two ways Mtommi.

    - Dedicated server
    - Hosted server from ingame

    The dedicated server is a seperate program in your rFactor folder. Hosted is just a matter of create online game.

    For both you need to open ports on your router's firewall. See this PDF: http://negativesum.net/games/rfactor/files/rfactor_dedicated_server_hosting_guide.pdf

    If you have enabled your Windows firewall on the pc from which you host, you probably need to enable the dedicatedserver.exe and/or the rfactor.exe access to outside. If you use another firewall (not windows default) you probably need to open the same ports as described in the guide.

    Good luck mate.
  3. About all port,i set ok,
    But,i open the game,i can see server,but,join time out......?
    Why can not in server?
  4. what version of windows?
    Cause if you have VISTA and try to have a dedicated server, i still didn't find the way to make it work
  5. My Window is XP
  6. I set more,but can not in interent server list,Why?
    Pls help me :)







  7. O the black art of setting up a server lol

    because people can join using the IP in rFactor Hamachi works very well or if you have a 2nd pc to host the game that also can be a lot easyer.
  8. What problem for my setting ?
    My server is up,but,can not show on the server list.......
    Can all help me ?
  9. Did you try and refresh 10 times or so?

    Also try entering IP address: ( Press the Blue + button ) ( put your port there )

    See if you find it then.

    Also, as Nigel said, you could try Hamachi, ( google it ) Works for allot of people who can't host normally.
  10. I tried joining. I found the server and i went to select a car, but there is no button to click Join... I never had this problem before... :S Anyone know why?
  11. have you unlocked all the cars?

    go to a test race and enter in chat "ISI_BABYFACTORY" in caps hit return, exit then try.
  12. Thanks! Working now :D
  13. your welcome :good:
  14. Why join RD server no need in "ISI_BABYFACTORY" set more?
  15. not really sure what your trying to say there m8 :wink2:
  16. My mean is
    I join RD server,i click server,and then key the password is ok to join,
    But,i open server,why Clayton need go to a test race and enter in chat "ISI_BABYFACTORY" in caps hit return,and then can join my server,
    So,i am understand,
    What server setting on RD ?
  17. yes m8 all clear now, you need an answer from someone who sets up the RD server. but i guess it has to do with what class you selected to use on your server.
    but it always best to use the cheat to unlock all cars and get loads of money :good:
  18. Now,Thx teach me,
    My problem is fix,can open and join server,
    Thank you very much,Nigel Atkins :)
  19. Hey Peeps,

    Ok, here's the deal... when I log into some of the RD servers, the tire wear & fuel use factors are set to NORMAL. When I run my server, the dedicated server applet drop down tab shows that 2x is the LOWEST value available??? I imagine that it is in some "ini" or "cfg" somewhere but I have looked everywhere I can think of and must have missed it. I like to throw up a test server for myself and others... But want it to mimick RD server or testing won't be valid.


  20. Anybody?

    Cmon, show some community spirit... I'm offering my server up for you guys... Nobody has any info on this and could help me out?
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