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how to set 1 press fuel and tyre buttons in F1 2011 tutorial

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chicane500, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. New tutorial on request:
    This is with Logitech Profiler, software for logitech wheels.
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  2. Thanks for the tutorial mate.. Your doing great job keep that up :)
  3. Good tute mate.
  4. thanks mate, tried that but for some reason, nothing happens when I press the buttons in-car. Any ideas?
  5. First 2 ideas that come to mind:
    1) You closed the program
    2) You tested the buttons in Time Trial, or in a mode without fuel sim on.
  6. Have a pro, when I hit record nothing show up. Maybe because I have DFGT?
  7. I believe Marijan uses a DFGT as well, and he got it to work. I'm sorry but I have no clue, it just should work if you follow the same steps.
  8. You mean the Logitech program? No no, it was up and running. And I tried in career practice mode with all aids off. I tried your procedure many times but never got it to work; it just seems to ignore the command assignments to buttons. By the way, I have a G25 so I have to use the buttons on the control panel (wheel buttons are assigned to KERS and DRS of course), could that have an impact?
  9. If window is open on the background, it should defenately work.
    In practise mode, the buttons for tyres won't work, since you have to select tyres in the garage. Assists on or off doesn't matter, as long as fuel sim is on. If fuelsim was off, then the buttons you assigned to the fuelmixes won't do a thing either. You can check ingame by pressing the keys on your keyboard (in my video example pressing WASD buttons).
    If the buttons in the profiler do match, it should work ingame too. I can bind any button on the G27 except for the buttons that match with the H-shifter, since I can't assign those in profiler.
    Edit: One other thing that may be necessairy, and that I did not mention in the tutorial:
    You may have to tell the profiler the location of the game, so it recognizes it should be active when the game starts. I'm not sure about this, since I didn't test it. I can start the game via steam and then the profiler also does its job.
  10. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I was wondering if i could do this, was looking for a program like xpadder, but now, much better, i use an Logitech so this really solves my problem. Now i just don't know if im going to use it for fuel map or brake bias :(
  11. Still thinking about that myself too. it was perfect for F1 2011 but the G27 doesn't have enough buttons, and you cannot bind H-shifter unfortunately, else that would've been my brakebias.
  12. Looks like its possible to use it for fuel mix and brakes. As i saw in your tutorial you did all the action with just one button, but if you use 2 buttons for the actions then it works.
    Let me explain... Using the Logitech profiler (mine is a G27 too :))
    If you change the buttons like this:

    20 = d,d
    21 = w,w
    22 = s,s

    Then i believe it will work like this:

    21 twice = Fuel Mix 3
    21 then 20 = Fuel Mix 2
    21 then 22 = Fuel Mix 1

    22 then 21 = Brake front
    22 then 20 = Brake neutral
    22 twice = Brake rear

    Even in the race if you press 20 first you can use it for tyres, its not the best way propably but i believe it works, i will try! And you still have button 23 to use it as you like, or to be A,A but you will use it only for tyres.
    And thanks again for the Tutorial! :thumbsup:
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  13. that's some clever thinking to save a button press! How I failed to think of that myself... I'm defenately gonna try this out! Thanks!:)
  14. It works Rob, i did it. Im using button 23 as rear view, and for the left pad (keyboard A) i used button 17.
    I selected keyboard "X" to be the car status and button 17 on the profiler now acts like:
    A, pause, X.
    Using it like this button 17 can be used to select wet tyres and to open the car status, now is really nice, thanks to you, i've never really used the profiler, just for rotation and FFB changes. Didn't knew about these features. :)