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How to save replays?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ortega, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. I'm French.

    Please, how to save replays ?

    Thank's ...

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  2. Hey ! I'm serious : My game is installed on one HD, no on a floppy !!!
    ...but not on disk system (C :\ Windows 7) = on Hard disk J :\ ! Wher's the problem ?

  3. The drive letter does not matter, as long as the path is correct. So you should be fine. Were you able to create the two reply icons? Also make sure that your path is not to F_ 2010_game file, but to F1_2010 file which is a little over 6KB. It does not have the F1 2010 picture on it. In fact mine is just the simple white box with the blue boarder.
  4. I disagree with this, i had my game installed on H:\ and take it from me the replay fix just did not work, once i installed the game on the C:\ drive the replays worked fine.

    Maybe it has to be installed on the same drive as the O/S, i dont know but installing the game on C:\ or the SYSTEM drive was the only way the replay worked for me.
  5. How do i save the replay?

    I've tried all possible means but just can't seems to find the option so i can save them up for viewing at a later time.

    After every race, i choose the view replay. however, at that stage i can't find any option to save. Anyone know how i can save up the replay?
  6. You are most likely correct on this and I apologize. I forgot the there are files that are in My Documents and that is where the Replays go. My Documents are located on C:\ Under normal condition where the game is all contained in a specific drive then it would not matter as long as the target pointed to that drive. Again sorry for my mistake.