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How to run Super trucks and Rally cross cars on same tracks

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by David Brock, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. I want to be able to run the Super trucks and the Rally cross cars on the same tracks. I do I need to so in the SRS. to make this happen? A comma between each?
  2. alexSchmurtz

    Premium Member

    I think that if you use the "All Cars / All Tracks" serie at the bottom, you can use any car on any track and mix them as you wish.
  3. Yeah, I know I was just hoping to limit the vehicles to the 2 track categories. Thanks for the answer tho :)
  4. Just click the checkmarks beside the Supertruck and the Rallycross car in the opponents section and those will be the only cars that show up.
  5. LOL, :) I don't want to run the cars and trucks together I want them to be able to run each others tracks.
  6. alexSchmurtz

    Premium Member

    Well, I thought you could run any cars on any track through the bottom section, not sure why else you're trying to do... Anyway, have a look at the very fist line of the track gbd, Filter Properties: it is set to Dirt for Rallycross, Supertruck for... euh, Supertrucks obviously. I did not try but put both categories with a space (or tab) in between (not sur if you need the * before, after, twice)... It is for sure with this line you need to play! WARNING tho: this will cause mitchmatch on line!!
    Hope you'll get what you're looking for. :)
    EDIT: and what if you use the "All Cars / All Tracks" serie, and simply click the checkmarks beside the Supertruck only? You should be able to run them on the Rallycross tracks. And vice versa...
  7. So I found out what one needs to do in the srs file to add tracks from another series. For what I wanted do. When I select the Rally cross cars my now available tracks include the rally tracks and the supertruck tracks. This means I use both types of tracks in a championship.

    = Dirt, Supertruck