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How to remove 'in game' steering wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Danny Roberts, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    Anyone know if it's possible to make the in game steering wheel go away?

    Thanks, Danny
  2. No, not possible. Why would you want to have it taken away?
  3. Thanks Chris....I did not think it was possible. I kept looking thru the files and could not find anything.

    I already have a steering wheel (G25 with SLI Pro). Kinda silly to have 2 wheels.
    Just trying to make it more of a proper sim instead of a game.
  4. Ah, well i dont really know what is possible or not on a PC as i only use an xbox. There could be a mod, i dont know!

    The cockpit would look weird without a steering in my opinion unless the new camera would be positioned right at the front of the cockpit with your steering wheel tucked right up in front of the TV (not very good for your eyes)
  5. I had to stand a little higher than I'd like and you would've gotten a better idea if the darn wall wasn't there so I could've backed up a tad but when your desktop and screen looks like this:
    your own steering wheel basically is the same size as the steering wheel would be in the sim/game and roughly if setup right,in the same position.
    This is the in game field of view with the 3 monitors:[​IMG]
    This is the iRacing Corvette C6 with the wheel removed. All u can see is the paddles for shifting and sitting at my desk, my G27 fits right in the middle of that spot.
    It's really a matter of preference, works great for some cars and not so great for others.
  6. Nice setup mate fair do's
  7. Visable Steering Wheel/Arms?

    Is it possible to remove the steering wheel and arms from cockpit view like in other simulations?

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