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How to remove helmet from view

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by JoelGL, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Sorry for a novice question, but I recently noticed the outline of the helmet, while in cockpit view. Then when leaving the pits, a short pause happens (I think trackmap initializes) then my screen gets sort of washed out. I'm thinking it might be simulating the view of the helmet glass? How can I change view to omit the helmet altogether? Don't recall putting any mod with the helmet view. Thanks.
  2. Anyone, please, know how to remove helmet view, and return to regular cockpit view? This is only in my mod setup, though my stock setup has the regular cockpit view, but I don't remember how to change it (or at what files it's saved). Thanks.
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  3. should be an addon like rfdynhud or tvstyle. no helmetview in default game whatsoever
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  4. What @roby13 said. No helmets in default game with cockpit view.

    Which version of the game do you have? And which 3rd party mods do you have installed?
  5. Thanks. Yes, I have rfdynhud and spotter. I tried copying my rfdynhud overlay.ini from my stock setup to the mods setup, but still have the helmet view. Thanks for the info. I'll keep looking.

    PS. Have the latest version, 1.21.

    Update: Yes, it was rfdynhud, and noticed extra overlay files for other session types. Thanks much guys.
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