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How to reduce roadbumps?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Gladi8or, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. I am very pleased with gsce. Since I changed my wheel to direct drive servo I have a problem with the ffb. It is really great but the roadbumps are to strong. Please explain how it is possible to reduce them. Which settings have to be changed in the controller.ini?
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  2. I know two guys at SRE who own a direct drive. Will ask them.
  3. This is great news! Maybe it is possible to share some settings for dd-wheels?
  4. Yes, I will try to find you the .ini
  5. One way that I've used with success was to edit the .tdf file of the track and change the [FEEDBACK] section, lowering the numbers of BumpAmp and BumpWavelen (sometimes even to zero) and still be able to feel the road. Dunno if this is what you're looking for.
  6. I am looking for changes in the controller.ini. I just want to reduce the bumps which are transfered to the wheel. I need the bumps in the track.tdf because I am using simvibe.
  7. hello,
    I also have a diy wheel, I do not encounter any problem with the bumps.

    The engine vibration diet and the contact was a problem.

    What equipment do you use?

    My .ini here

    This is my equipment:


    Alim = 48v 12.5A
    Alim = 12V 5A
    moteur = Mige ST130-M10010
    driver = Granite VSDE
    carte de commande = SMT32F407DISCOVERY + FW MMos

    In Gdtool i have enter 11A for 8.3A RMS for 18Nm, and 52v for 240rpm

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  8. Nice setup!

    Thank you for your controller.ini but there is no big difference. I set nearly everything to 0 still no noticeable difference. Maybe we have to change the realfeel plugin?

    My modified ini
    My equipment
    - MIGE Servo M130ST-M15015 (30Nm)
    - Open sim wheel with MMOS Force Feedback
  9. Thanks
    Dont change my realfeel data.
    my mmos setup
    in controller.ini, the ffb effects level is very important, change for 4.

    For bumps, test changed the rumble effects.
  10. It only feels right to me if I set ffb effects to "low". I read that higher settings ad artifical effects. You should change steering rotation to 540° for gsce. There is a new version of the mmos tool. Now it is possible to create profiles. I think "FFB rumble strip" is the parameter for the curbs.
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