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How to recover from spin

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Iulian Cezar, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hi guys.
    So I am just trying F1 2011. At the moment I am having great difficulties recovering from spins. And I spin a lot (all assists off).
    In 2010 I would just apply brakes and turn in the opposite direction and it would've been an immediate fix. However in 2011 it seems anything I try to do is impossible.
  2. I just apply a tiny bit of throttle - just enough to keep the wheels moving (too much and you will go into a full spin) and counter steer or you can just release the throttle, counter steer and gently accelerate.
  3. It's better to try to stop the spin before it happens, as you'll lose less time and hopefully stay out of the wall. If you feel the car starting to slide, ease off the gas so you're either off it completely, or you're applying a small amount, and countersteer. Depending on how fast you're going is how much countersteer you apply. Faster corners need less steering, because if you use more the car will correct itself and then travel in the opposite direction. Sure, you'll lose time, but it's better than getting stuck in the gravel trap. If you're spinning when accelerating out of corners, you can prevent it by feathering the throttle while exiting or short shifting.
  4. The self-straightening car in 2010 when hitting the brake was a bit of a bug - certainly not true to life.

    Whats been written above is pretty correct, in that 2011 is more realistic and you have to correct the spin as per real life, depending on the situation. Sometime you need more throttle and a bit of counter steer, sometimes you need to let off the throttle - unfortunately it comes down to experience, practice and skill.

    Another thing that doesnt help is the fact that 2011's FFB is pretty rubbish in comparison to other driving games, so it doesnt make it easy to feel and anticipate a spin until its too late.

    You really need to hone your technique at not getting into a situation where you are going to spin. So easy and smooth on the brakes on the way in, and even more easy on the throttle on the way out until the car is straight.
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  5. FFB works pritty well for me,but i also have wheel weight 100%
  6. I agree with Paul, there is not much indication from the FFB that a spin is coming. Instead you have to rely on common sense and instinct to predict a spin.

    If you feel a spin is coming then you must come off the throttle or at least back off of it (often referred to as a confidence lift). Sometimes this is enough to prevent a spin but often you will need to countersteer as well. If you find yourself spinning off of the slow corners the only thing you can do is practice better throttle control or enable TCS.
  7. If a spin starts, NO MATTER what I do it will continue spinning. Very rarely I manage to catch a spin just as it starts, and then its quite easy to straighten up, but once you spin more than 5-10° then I'm toast no matter what. I have tried brakes, light brakes, slight throttle, no throttle, nothing works. I still need to try steering in the direction of spin (just like on ice) but I need to overturn my brain desire to counter-steer.

    ALSO, how on earth do I spin when I have no throttle applied? I'm in Malaysia now and not rarely I spin in Turn 14 when I have no throttle applied.
  8. You lock up your rear wheels, they lose traction on a kerb/grass, rear suspension is too soft, you turn in too violently... There may be dozens of reasons.

  9. Salu2 - Darkness Knight
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  10. Use bigger rear wings, I think this will help... When I feel spin I'm countersteering, it's almost always enough. Leaving throttle is not a must.

    Braking is not working, that was a shame in F! 2010...
  11. Something similar happened in Valencia to me. Massa was pushing on the inside of the hairpin, so I gave him room and he pushed me on the tarmac runoff, and I got caught out by the low grip and spun, taking Petrov with me into the wall. It could have been prevented by using less throttle or short shifting.
  12. In this game you have to manage the gas pedal when you are in a low grip situation. If you can see yourself going off track then come off the throttle, straighten the wheel and then ease the car back on track. If you try to get off the grass/carpet/runoff area too quickly you are almost guaranteed a spin. Also be aware that bumping a curb with one of your front tyres will buy you a ticket to go off track as well. Making sure that you have a stable setup with appropriate downforce will help settle the car through the fast corners and prevent you from losing control of it.

    The 2010 game had major issues with how it handled grip off of the track. You would have next to none and the only way to get by was to use the brake (cheating). I'm not saying 2011 is perfect, but you shouldn't need to rely on a bug/cheat to keep a hold of your car.