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How To:- Nvidia Inspector Profile

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rob Fitness, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    I Thought i would have a go at a video tutorial (my 1st lol :redface:) in sharing my tiny bit of knowledge for those that have even less an understanding.

    I will show you around setting up an Nvidia Inspector Profile to use with GSC2013. With my VERY limited knowledge of graphics settings to do with AA and super-sampling etc,

    If you see a setting that is wrong or can be improved please kindly post any improvements / corrections to what I'm doing.

    I hope it helps some folks :D

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  2. Hamed


    what a beautiful graphic Robbie,it's Amazing.
    all Annoying AA is gone
    it's work fine on my GTX760 with 10 AI,but I think for more cars on track I should take easy on AA and anisotropic filtering
    when I watch reply, sometime I think FPS goes under 30 or even 20 frame
    anyway very helpful post,and I appreciate that.
    nice graphic card,590 SLI is a MONSTER!:thumbsup: