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How to mod AI?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Szeky, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Could someone please tell me how to mod the AI to be faster?Because on all the AI mods they are screwed up,the good drivers(Hamilton,Webber,etc)are slow,and the bad drivers (Liuzi,Buemi,etc) are incredibly fast,i want to make the pro drivers fast and the noob drivers slower,so any help?thank you!
  2. That's not the results I am seeing with the "RDD True AI" mod. Yes I am only three races into a new career since installing the mod, but Webber leads my championship, followed closely by Vettel and Hamilton is not that far behind the Red Bulls. I am in 4th place using a Toro Rosso and Button is only a couple of points behind me (he will probably pass me soon as I am not anticipating myself getting good results at Catalyuna and Monaco). Alonso did finish on the podium in 1 of 3 races but crashed out in the other two. It is too early to say, but if I see fault in my results it's that Ferrari, Mercedes GP and Kubica in the French donkey cart could be doing better in the races. But they are all qualifying in the top 10. But it could be too early to tell.
  3. I suggest you start looking and working out the AI folder in the game folder. You may want to look into the database as well ! Some other file's also affect them so you may want to have a good look around at the code and apply as much logic as possible and read what they are doing and how to alter it to your specific taste.

    A good understanding of xml is an advantage but if you know HTML you should pretty much understand it a little java knowledge wouldn't hurt either. I have the advantage of a little education in C++ and VB and dabbled in a few other language's and it all help's in some way or another.

    To specifically make them faster try altering BHP values in the database there will be several to alter and that isn't AI, the AI file's just alter their behaviour not directly their speed. Its not to difficult really but knowing what half the variable's do is most of the work so you have a lot of testing ahead of you.

    Good Luck (you WILL need it :D), Dave.

    p.s If your looking to improve Qualiy times then making them faster will not do that you will have to alter the qualiy time tables and I believe that is in the database also. And the behaviour you are describing I have never observed nor had that reported to me either, with TAI ?

    Oh and your welcome :D
  4. Thank you!