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How to make variable banking in BTB?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jesse Doornbusch, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. How can I make variable banking in Bobs Track Builder?
    When I wanna create banking/camber it is put on the whole track but I wanna have a diferent camber in corners than on straights.
  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Press the + button on the camber menu, than click where you want to add other "banking"point.
    For instance
    First point is 0 degrees just before the corner, 2nd one 10 degrees (in the middle of the corner), third one just after the corner is 0 degrees again.
    That should give a nicely banked corner.
  3. ok thanks its working!
  4. That what i have discovered so far. In the corner entry/exit, they serve as a limit, with the midpoint to be adjusted for cambers. Remember: Camber1 is a trackwide adjustment