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How to make snowwalls for RBR [Tutorial]

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jonathan Johansson, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Some of you might have tried Dead Heart, my snow rallystage for rbr and wondered how the hell i did the snow banks :) well im going to show you just how to make them...

    1. Heres what the road looks like, we have the snow road and we have the roadside (which is as you can see built like the road)
    2. To make it simple in the material editor we can paint the near side of the road red and call it martinez and the remaining area blue and call it pangaea!
    3. Then we cover the roadside up with a simple wall shaped and textured like a snowbank! (make it not collide and not driveable)
    4. Now lets export this track and open the mat.ini with material editor (avaliable in c:/program/bobstrackbuilder/support/rbr)
    And now we assign the near road (red martinez) with the snowwall material, this will make martinez really suck... you into the blue area just like a snowbank/snowwall sucks you into the deep snow when you hit it!
    5. And then we assign the roadside (blue pangaea) with the snowwall_bottom material which makes the car strugle to move forward like you are in deep snow (very good material also for sand)

    Ok now youre done! you will have snowwalls and you will feel them, its time to have fun in this white hell!
  2. Thanks for this.
  3. Thanks Hompe! Again, because I was too lazy and thought there was only snowwall_bottom material - and there is also snowbank!!! Stupid me ;) Yes, I don't know how's Pangea, but I don't eat too many cheesburgers and I'm quite thin! :D

    Let me say something more:
    - you can make templates for your xpacker if you want to create xpack for convenience.

    - and second - with the idea of making roadsides with road cross section profiles (AKA... well, somebody maybe gets angry when the words are said ;) - anyway - you can make regular road with banks/roadsides, assign materials - road, snow whatever you want, then make a copy the track. In the copy - delete the road's materials (simply leave empty space in the middle, also delete all small blue points in the middle - we don't need empty vertices) and make the copy non-driveable and non-collidable. Then straigten the roadsides in the first (bottom) road and assign snowbank and snowwall_bottom textures/materials as Hompe says. This way you don't need to switch all the time between roads and walls and still have easier possibilities for making changes with road shape profiles (not fight with btb's terrain vertices).

    note: for reducing the number of materials - the sucking/snow physics can be assigned to just one texture - as Material Editor allows to "paint" with any piece you want.
  4. thank you for the tip, really interesting. brilliant also for use it as sand. :)
  5. yes, this can be also used as a kid of simulation of that "rubber" wall from original RBR tracks, where you get dramatically slowed down when going off the road :)