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how to make racer run Faster

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. ive seen complicated directions for how to make racer work a little bit faster im looking for a generic set of instructions ive done the usual and disabled csm hdr bloom and all that now what else do i do i have an issue where the cars shadow is just box on the ground and the smoke comes up in like block like pixels and lags me Very badly and im using both 0828 and 0832 or rather i have both on my machine
  2. If you go to data\renderer\particles.ini, you can change max= on a few particle types to help with that. Won't look as nice but it'll run more smoothly.
  3. ive got a new issue ive ajusted a few things in racer and used a optimized ini from luth and now everything is white on carlswood when i run it in CG mode smoke seems to work but everthing else is bright white and its the same with 0832
  4. 2o6


    I turned off shadowmapping and motion blur (which I never thought looked good) and played with auto exposure to make everything look right.
  5. got a copy of your ini or the settings i need to change so i can fix the issue?