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How to make custom number?

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by vladimirjeger, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, can any of the moders please make some kind of video tutorial how to make custom numbers in Photoshop? ... I have some experience in that program but I've never done this kind of stuff in it.
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  2. I have the same problem ahah! there's someone who can help us pls!
  3. Are you asking how to use Photoshop or how to replace rider's numbers?
    Paint.net is a free editing software, it has a big number of functions and opens the .dds files that PS doesn't without a extension.
    So try it
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  4. Making a custom number is fairly easy, however you need Photoshop with a DDS plugin OR as @Giovaneveterano has mentioned Paint.net, which opens DDS files without any plugins.

    You will also need the MixFile Remixer in order to put your modded files back into the game.
    1. Unpack GFX.MIX
    2. Make a BACKUP of the original GFX.MIX
    4. Locate the number you want to replace (every available custom number in every available style has its own file)
    5. Open the file of the number you want to replace (e.g. CUS_NUMBER016_ALT003_BASE.DDS)
    6. Paint or insert your custom number in a new layer on top of the original number
    7. Make sure you have adjusted the Alpha channel of the file as well; your number should appear as plain white in the alpha channel, everything else should be black, in order to display your number correctly in the game)
    8. Save the file as DDS (make sure you use the right type, it should be DXT3 with 8bpp and Explicit Alpha)
    9. Open the masking file of your number (e.g. CUS_NUMBER016_ALT003_MASK.DDS) and paint it ALL BLACK
    10. Save the file as DDS (make sure you use the right type, it should be DXT1 with 8bpp and No Alpha)
    11. Repack GFX.MIX using MixFile Remixer
    That should be all :) If you encounter any problems, feel free to send me a PM :) Good luck!
  5. Already know how to use MixFile Remixer, used it many times before ;) What I didn't know is that PS needs an extension to open dds files. I've tried to open them using PS but I got an error :) I will try Paint.net
  6. Also. What are the number sizes for different files? You have a dds file for your bike number, for results table.... customfontsmall, customfont etc.
  7. Quite frankly, I have no idea for the different files. So far, the only thing I actually edited is the number that appears on the bike :p
  8. Well, that's something :):thumbsup:
  9. You need "dds plugin" , easy to search and download on google
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