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How to make a BTB created track asy to load for other people (rcsentre)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hi folks. Im wondering how to make my btb created track so its playable as an rcentre btb track. Ive tried raring the folder and putting in RXRSRBR folder (with the other btb tracks ive downloaded).. wont display, so i then renamed the file to extension.7z .. now it displays in rcsenter, it seems to load, but as soon as rbr starts, i choose profile..etc then it just going to the garage scene and dose nothing.. in fact even pressing escape wont bring any menu up . i had to ctrl alt del out and close the task via task manager. I downloaded winzip and ziped it, not even displaying in rcenter.. ive not got a clue how you guys make your tracks distributable. I dont mind having to load rbr then going thru .. options/plugins/..etc etc but for others it might be a pain.

    Would be good if anyone has any ideas on this.
  2. ok i have a serious major problem here.. i closed down rscenter opened up my rbr folder and for some reason my RX_CONTENT folder has dissapeard. I looked in recycluing bin and no sign of it.. "I DID NOT DELETE this accidentally" anyone any ideas whats going on????
  3. I don't have RBR, so I can't tell you how to package the track, or anything else related to the game. However I can say that you don't convert a file from .rar to .7z by just changing the extension. When you first compress the folder, see if winrar lets you choose the .7z format. If not, download 7zip, which is free, and use that instead.
  4. Thanks R Soul, i thought .7z was something specific to rbr/btb, Ill wait for somone who knows a little about rbr. I did downlaod 7zip and 7ziped my track folder put it in RXRSRBR folder, it displays in rcsenter, rscenter loads it, then rbr opens, and as said above it just hangs on the garage scene, nothing loads, and again i had to ctl alt del out and end the task via task manager... also i left my rx-content folder open while rscenter was closeing. i should warn everyone now who is developing tracks for rbr that on rscenter close, it WILL delete all the contents of rx-center .. so ull lose everything (all your exported files i mean).. im so glad i discovered this at this early stage, and im so glad ive backed up all my btb original files. Why on earth dose rcsenter take it upon itself to delete someones work? :mad:
  5. You're better off asking the boys at RallyeSim rather than here methinks.
  6. sure thing.. ryan, sorry
  7. No need to be sorry - I just think you'd get more success there :)
  8. thanks guys, and thanks zaxxon, but Im doing everything by the book and im just having no luck at all.. still hangs at the garage scene , still need to ctl alt del / end task out.

    I think i may give up,. there dosent seem to be a solution for this.. typical tho, just as im about to release this a brick wall comes out of nowhere and hits me in the face, nice and hard.