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How to lap Monaco faster?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by kldennis221, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Hey guys Im new to this forum! I'm currently racing in career mode with HRT car. I am at Monaco and cannot get closer to the leader at all!! My fastest lap time was 1:21 and top time of the session was 1:19!! I've tried just about everything!! Any way codemasters team can help or give me codes for this game(ps3console)!!! HELP!!!
  2. Monaco is the hardest track in the series. The only way to get around it faster, is to practice. practice and more practice. Some of the corners seem like you need to be real slow in them, yet you can actually get throught them a lot facter then you may think.

    Take a look at this video of Mark Webber on the Red Bull Simulator if may help.

  3. The most advice you will probably get is PRACTICE, but my advice is just skip it :D I really dislike this track I always do the first practice session though always in hope, just to have them dashed and the dislike proportion of this track expand's some more :D

    My advice not very constructive is SKIP IT !!!

    :eek: see I told you PRACTICE lol omg TR6speed we posted together lol
  4. Yes i really try this track sometime but i got angry and skip this. for me it's just a glamour circuit and nothing more.
  5. Being 2 seconds slower is actually not that bad. Remember that the OP is in an HRT (one of the worst teams).
  6. It is a glamour circuit, but I love to race on it. I have always like stret circuirs, as they make you better, because there is no room for error. Oh sure I get frustrated with it, but I always come back for more.
  7. i love this track it is a pure challenge of your skill on a f1 game and ability to set up a car, 1st season in a lotus i was very new to the game but consantly tried different variations of setup up with aero, suspension and camber, i would always struggle but that is part of a season if you cant do it keep triying and eventually you will find the feel of the track. im on 3rd season and have got a solid setup but i used all available ttimes in practice sessions and quali. im now able to do solid 1m 18s per lap at race pace and have the ablity to win a race but have not yet.

    enjoy monaco its a special place to race
  8. this is a very tricky track... its a tough track for sure..
  9. Hi, my suggestion is that you might use the setup from Noeasy (you can see it in setups) and practice, practice, practice
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I also love this track. Yes it is damn hard and very difficult to get through a race without making mistakes but when you get it right there there is no better feeling. Managed a 1:15 in my practice session before my career race but that was before I removed all driving aids so I'll have to give that another go now. I think all those gear changes will be a real test to start with!!!