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How to install/upgrade ARCA Sim Racing without the DVD?

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Bram, May 27, 2009.

  1. i have puchased the dvd from market not from them
  2. can you give me some links to download patches to play online
    im running default patch
  3. i never download patches.. the leverage installs them automaticly after updating.. but let me check the buy screen there must be some option to update the dvd
  4. i have leverage client 2.0
  5. on your screen you have a arca simracing leverage... open that leverage and then in the upperfield you have multiple options. there you choose register and from there you choose update my cd purchase... it will aks for your email where the game is known on. if that doesnt help really send a mail to them
  6. i have leverage client2.0 it does not have options in upper field.and does not have the dont have code option too.can you send me a link for old leverage client
  7. i am using 32 bit client but in the old leverage option are upwards and there is an option that "i dont have code" in the register options
  8. well as far as i can see it if you have installed the leverage and open the progam you see in the top from left to right arca-newsroom-support-options-register-videos-.... you click the register.. but first you have to install the leverage you downloaded otherwise you wont see a thing
  9. i have installed the leverage but dont have any option upwards there are three option downward to the right register options support
  10. what does 3 those option says???
  11. when i click register it says 1 first time purchase 2 update my dvd purchase 3 reinstall existing purchase and then there are options and third option is for support
  12. ok mate choose update dvd purchase and the if you click on it it will aks your email and you will get a token to update it. is asume you have the original boxed dvd disc???
  13. i have tried it when i enter the email it says
    The email address supplied does not exist in our system. Please recheck your submissioni have the local copy i think
  14. maybe you registred the dvd on another email when you bought it... otherwise email them
  15. i havent bought the dvd from them..i have bought it from the market local store
  16. then there must be either some cd key you can send them so that they can update it
  17. it does not require a cd key to install there was a crack in it to over come buy problem
  18. oh ok but i dont know much more then you:( i hope you will get the game working
  19. i hope i would ok then