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How to install FSOne 2007 skin pack?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Attila Domján, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. I just downloaded this skin (prof1trpack1[2].0.1.exe) pack, but i donno how i must install it... when i click on the downloaded exe it extracts itself, with hell of directories and files similar which i can find in the original rFactor folder.... do i need to copy paste all the files in the needed directory like it is extracted....? i hope there is a more simple and less manual way to do it...

    thanks in advance
  2. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    put it in a Place so you know where it is then extract all the parts in folder to where there ment to go :)O
  3. sorry, but i dont get it.... i put the file in the original rFactor folder, clicked there, and it extracted itself, but the main directory was: prof1trpack1.0.1 (within the original rFactor dir), and then in this i found rFactor dir, and in this all the detailed directories with Gamedata, Sounds, Talents etc with the files which are belonging to the skin pack only... shall i copy the extracted folders and everything to the original installed rFactor directory and overwrite what is there? will i not loose then the original files which were there before....?
  4. (I've been wondering where I can find that F12007 skinpack...the public link on the proF1 website is down. would someone please post the direct link for download? thanks)
  5. i just downloaded today morning from there, it is not down...
  6. ohhh nevermind hehe I was just confused by the way the Public release writing is unclickable while the rest is, here: http://www.prof1tr.com/downloads.htm
    ...have now realised you need to click the little red arrow to start the download. silly me!
  7. ok, so anybody with some help how it needs to be installed....?
  8. All you do to install this is extract the 7zip .exe to your desktop. It'll extract a folder called "prof1trpack1.0.1." Open this folder and you'll see a folder called "rFactor." Copy then paste the rFactor folder to C:\Program Files and when it asks if you want to overwrite existing files click "yes to all."
    It's quite a simple (and similar to GTR2's) process but that's how to do it

    ...so to answer your question in the first post - yes, you extract it and copy+paste it as is, using the same folder/file structure that the download came in.
  9. and with this copy paste it is not overwriting the original content? how they do it?
  10. it is only overwriting the folders - the folder contents are what make the mods work.
    it does not overwrite any original rFactor files.
    ...VERY FEW mods actually do overwrite original files - coz if you do, you'll cause alot of problems when you try to race online. so, the mods that DO overwrite original rFactor files will give you a warning before installing. Most mod readme files say something like (from the mod developer) "I do not accept liability should this mod cause damage to your game or computer"...we take the risk of damage every time we install a mod for any game - so it's always best to read readme files fully and read comments about the mod, as you can at nogrip or rfactorcentral.

    I just had a race using the 2007 skins installing the way I described above - they work fine for me and I haven't seen any negative effects to my game or PC =)
  11. okido, thanks.

    btw, i have 1 more issue, as i installed FSOne mod, it overwrites the background pics in the game to F1 style, thats ok, but when i change to other series this background remains for me as a picture, and on top of this comes the other pics (for example the pic of that serie in the main page at top left corner). It looks very disturbing.... Any way to get rid of it?
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Have the same here Neo, whatever i do, the f1mod stays visable at all times.. but maybe thats just ok, dunno
  13. Just chose a different mod, and exit the game, when you start it up again it should have the default one again :)
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    aha :) thanks turbo
  15. thanks. and will it stay normal then after, even if later i choose the FSOne mod again?
  16. hmmmm.... since installing these skins my rFactor crashes when I click to close the game down. It's not a big problem - lol I want to close the game, so crashing is another way of doing that.
  17. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

  18. I have PROF1TR_SPS07.exe but didn't instal yet,I'm using only 06 skins,but game works ok.I'm not sure about skins 07,is it woks fine Rfactor?
  19. i installed it yesterday, they look good, i like it. Except that the Honda is all black, nothing Earth like on it....

    Just if you are not in FSOne mode, but all cars and all tracks,the BMW is disappearing from the FSOne cars, since originally there was also a BMW, you can find it only there, but with 2 Heidfeld and 2 Kubica, and none of them is working in this mode, get an error message.

    But if you select only FSOne series to play, everything is working fine.
  20. The next version of 2007 is about to be released (few days), including the Honda earth, new soft tires etc. :)
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