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How to improve Int/wet tire Grip levels

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by sdubbin, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have just played through my 1st season in career and everything is fine apart from the races when its wet.

    example, in brasil im leading after 26 laps of 36 in dry track when it starts to light rain, 2 laps later i am struggling to control the car. The ai have though eaten into my 10 sec lead. I then am sliding all over the place in slick so go in for inters. The ai though are still on slicks . So i go from 1st to 16th in a lap. They do then come in later for wets but by that time im last and on inters.
    Is there somewhere in the db that can edit the grip levels for wet tires, to make my grip the same as the ai`s.

    If im sliding in slicks then if the ai are we can both go into the pits and change, but im now at a point when i just retire from the race if its wet
  2. Did you got all updates with steam?

    The wet weather issues were fixxed in one of the patches
  3. I do have all the updates via steam. Does the fixes only work if you start a new career as the career im on was from patch 5 i think.
  4. No the patches wil work if without starting a new carreer
  5. OK so the patches didn't fix this? Does anyone else find controlling the car in rain a nitemare then compared to how the ai handle it.
  6. It's tricky when the track goes from dry to damp to wet.

    you must choose the exactly right time to switch to inters or wets.
    Do you race 100% races?
  7. No I'm doing 50%. I like the fact that it would be tactical to come in and change tyres but if I struggling to keep grip then I hoped the air would have the same problem. But they seem to be unaffected by the rain. Example if I'm struggling on slick they are flying,if I'm on inters and so the ai they are under control and I'm like driving on ice Its uncontrollable .
  8. sdubbin you are right, I feel sure one of the last patches has upset this again, it was definitely better than this. Now, as you describe, when it starts raining, I lose grip quickly but the AI do not, causing a massive loss of track position. :(
    I have tried starting new career but no help. I keep hoping for one last adjustment by CM but I think that's unlikely now. So I am also trying to edit the wet weatherability to compensate (which certainly helps), but as you say, editing the AI's grip would be best if it could be found.
    And yes, this is in 100% races in career mode.
  9. Keith, i restarted the same brasil race yesterday , knowing that on lap 25 of 36 it would start raining. This time i was in second and when on slicks i changed to WETS . Vettal who was leading changed to INTERS. I found the next lap quite difficult on Full wet but then found Vettal skidding on to the grass. My Wets were not fully gripped and i took the lead while all the ai tried to get back to the Pits. I was then 20 seconds up and won the race. I think as other people have said its a matter of changing to the correct tire at the correct time. If i had listened to my engineer i would have changed to Inters and then would have been like vettal ( in a wall) so it does work if you know what the weather is going to be, but that's a guess.
    Apart from this the ai do have an advantage on the same tires but this time i had the run on them.
  10. Yes you are right, but as you say, it is a guess. So the AI have an unfair advantage because they will always go into the pits on the correct lap. They might struggle for that one lap, but they will still make the right choice. So you can only beat this by replaying the race, so that you know what is going to happen, which is not much of an option when you are doing 100% races.
    And without that knowledge, you can't risk going straight to wets as it often dries instead of getting wetter.
    I am going to keep on trying to edit this out if I can.
  11. Keith I wouldn't say the AI always get this right. I had a race where it started raining heavily halfway through, I felt it was too heavy for Inters so went straight for Wets, the AI majority went for Inters and within 3 laps none of them were staying on the track or they were driving much slower, helping me close the gap on people and then those who made the mistake ended up pitting again within 2-3 laps. It's a bit of instinct but sometimes the AI can make a mistake too.
  12. James, that happened to me as well and I was happy with that, but it was before the last couple of patches. I'd be happy if it did that again, but since the last patch (or two, I'm not sure), for me at least, it has done what I have described every single time, and I have since run at least 6 100% races. Are you sure you have had this happen since the last patch?
    The reason I am doubtful, is that I felt the same was happening as you describe, that is, when the grip started to go, I could see it affecting me AND the AI, and if I made the right choices, I could beat them to the tyre change, just as you describe. But there is no doubt in my mind that this is not hapening to me any more - instead, I start to lose grip, while the AI carry on at the same speed, it just is not right now.
  13. In my first season and the AI seem to struggle for grip as much as me, although they are generally faster. When it starts raining I stay out until the grip is nearly gone and then pit for Wets. A couple of times the AI have come in for Inters first, struggled and then had to pit again for Wets but at my last race (Canada) they went straight to Wets as well. Although not before I had the satisfaction of seeing Vettel spinning out on dry tyres across the grass. :)
  14. Had Silverstone on Career last night. Post patch, xbox 360. 80% chance of rain. AI messed up big time.

    Rain starts after about 15 minutes, I'm running 10th with Force India struggling to keep up with Perez. Soon after its way to wet at the last two corners for dry tyres but still ok elsewhere. I go in for Inters on the next lap, slight gamble as nobody else had gone in yet. I come out of the pits, have a few moments but then start to find a bit of grip as the track is now starting to spray slightly, perfect for inters. Next thing you see is cars all over the place around maggots/becketts, on the grass, in the wall, facing the wrong way. It was carnage! I go straight into 1st place and pit again for Wets as I'm already sliding around. Some of the AI then limped back to the puts and put inters on! So they had to pit a further time for wets after another slow lap. All this left me with a 58 second lead to Vettel once things had settled down a bit. I won the race by just 4 seconds in the end! Not nice to win like this and it ruined all the fun.