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How To Improve Game Performance on my PC?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by LewisOrJenson2011, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have the game on my PC, currently I can run it on Medium to Ultra but its a bit laggy, it runs fine on Low or Ultra Low though, I want to improve my PC performance to change this!

    my current system specs:

    2.16ghz Dual Core CPU
    2.5GB RAM
    1GB graphics card

    is there anything I can do on my system as is to improve the game performance? or do I need to get more RAM or something?

    thanks for any help in advance!
  3. You might have some software running in the background. That is usually the biggest problem when your hardware is up to date.
  4. Please be more specific than "1GB video card"
  5. upgrade cpu its a little slow or try overclocking it.
  6. That will be creating the bottleneck on your system.
  7. We need way more specs than that, or atleast I do. Do you have make and model numbers of all those parts?
  8. Hi there.

    Please go to the following site and download the software (link on the right):


    If you screenshot the 'Memory' & 'Graphics' (make sure the 'Perf Level' option is set to 3D) tabs we'll be able to gather a little bit more about your system, and hopefully what you can do to improve.

    At the moment, the information you've provided (like other have said) is sadly not enough.