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How to have a good start in a race?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ivan Gjorgjievski, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Guys, i really need some tips on how to do a proper start in a race.. i am always struggling , and in some occasions losing places.. so can i get a little help overhere? :) anyways, i am using a wheel... thanks
  2. Turn fuel sim off. The AI are cheats and run light all race whatever.
  3. Don't use full revs. Make sure you have the dry so-called 'oversteer' setup. Set the engine management in setup to 'fast'.

    I just tried a 100% race distance at Monza starting from the back in the lotus, and I was lapping quite comfortably at the same pace as the back / middle field and catching up / flying past the AI on straights and outbraking at corners. Although they were quicker off the line I suspect you have to experiment with the right amount of revs to start with for the best start.

    I'm sure better players would get closer to the top cars. I think the "AI don't have fuel" is a myth TBH.
  4. On a full length race with Fuel off I end up top 6 in a Lotus. With it on I finish where a Lotus should. There are definitely some AI balance issues, but it is not a simple matter of the AI not using fuel.
  5. well dunno if AI not using fuel, i have ride 49/49 on Bahrain , and AI did make weak lap times at begin and then systematically get better, all u need is to bring more front wing and a little more rear wing settings up, and then in race when getting less fuel, turning from quick menu front wing lower to Qually settings. other better idea is use Cruise on start when loaded full :) and then changing via menu standard and fast :)
  6. To start well you need about 3/4 revs when the lights go out and don't plant the throttle otherwise you'll get wheelspin and don't change to 2nd to early or it'll bog down
  7. The AI lap times only improve 1-2 seconds over a 100% race if that, and most of that is down to the track improving, and rubber band AI if your nearby.

    Your car on the other hand will be 6+ seconds a lap quicker on light fuel compared to full tanks on 100% races.

    Plus the AI can set very fast lap times from lap 1 onwards, which all suggests they are light with fuel.

    It's not about the end result being realistic, but that the AI show little or no effect from fuel weight over a grand prix distance, there lap times should be 5-6 seconds faster at the end, but there nowhere near that.
  8. I just did a test completely removing the catchup.xml file (the game still runs without it). Webber qualified on pole with a 1:57.xxx stll a couple second off real life.. but whatever. Started the race, 100% distance fuel and tire sim on. Lap 1 he did a 2:03. Lap 2 he did a 2:01. Took about 15 laps for him to get a 2:00 even and by the end of the race Hamilton won and his fastest shown was a low 1:59.

    The AI was using fuel as far as I can see, maybe a bit less profound effect then you state, but I only took about 4 sec off my times over race distance. It is the catchup/rubberband effect that seems to be causing those issues.
  9. I assume this can't be turned off for the ps3? It would be good if it could.