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How to handle the media in career mode

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Michael Fuller, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. How to handle the media in career mode?

    What is the best way to answer questions in the media?

    I just completed my first season with Lotus and unfortunately didn't get a contract offer from any other teams even though I finished the season with about 13 rep points.... and every time i did an interview the other teams around Lotus disliked my responses. Is the key to getting contract offers from other teams to talk negatively about your own team?

    Would be very interested to know what tactics others have used and any feedback on whether certain responses have resulted in teams being 'pleased' with how you have handled the media and consequently offering contracts when you have enough rep points.

    Halfway though a second 'first season' and although I'm performing fairly well on-track i seem to have no positives off-track!

  2. That is a good question I am in my second year at HRT and it is looking like a third (IF they offer me a contract) my answer's no matter what I do seem to have a negative affect. I got the little pie chart's to show a slip of green once but it soon went after a press conference. I experimented with good, med and bad response's to no avail. I have a 7 year career and it is looking like I won't make my third year I am at Korea and not one offer yet I am 8th in the standing's with a rep of 20 so I have no idea what I am doing wrong either ! And seriously considering starting YET again :(
  3. If you are with HRT and have a rep of 20, you will most like stay there or maybe a lesser team. I believe that it will take a rep of 24-25 to get an offer from the better teams and those will ne be the very top teams. There was a post sometime back that listed the reps need for each team.
    I just restarted my career, because I was running away with the championship again and to be honest, it was not any fun. So now I am with HRT and in the expert mod with the Tire sim and fuel sin on as well as the AI are in the legend. I ran my first race and started 15th and finished 15th. I did move up to 12th but the pit stop put back to 20th and I had to fight for ever position. But at least I am enjoying it a lot more.
  4. Well I just completed Korea and came 4th not bad, and at the end of the race my agent says "I have got some bad new's for you. The team are letting you go at the end of the season". So it look's like my 7 year career is over after just two ? I don't understand that one, has anybody else had this ?

    So now I am faced with virtual unemployment :D and no offer's on the table and it is not looking good, so do I restart yet another career or just concentrate on modding and get more practice in for F1 2011 ? I was really starting to enjoy this and get into the career side, CM always get you in the end it seem's :mad: it has put me off wanting to race in it now grrrr.


    :D well I finished my 2nd year 8th overall and got HRT 5th, ended my last two races pretty poorly as I had lost all hope. I get back to the paddock and 6 contract's await me, all the lower teams and then my rivals team Mercedes offered me Nico's job (my rival) so I took it and now he can be unemployed, I am well made up :D
  5. So you went from thinking you would have no ride in your 3rd season to having a ride at Mercedes GP? Cool.
  6. Thanks for the responses guys.

    I did just answer a media session after a successful race in Valencia with all of my answers towards the far left - i.e. negative towards my own team, and for the first time a couple of the other teams around me gave a slice of green on the pie chart, indicating that they were pleased with my responses - so I'm going to carry on with this approach for a while and see what offers come my way!

    Silverstone up now, by far my worst track on the game....Just cant hold any speed through Becketts, whatever setup I use....
  7. My993C2 very cool indeed mate, I went from downright depressed to top of the world in 1 second flat I was very surprised, so the rule is don't give up hope even when it is hopeless as there is always hope regardless :D My what I thought was my last interview I slagged everybody off, team-mate, not a challenge my team, tosser's my rival again a tosser and slow, now look at me, I have a Schumy attitude so I get a Schumy jod wa hey :D
  8. I went by a certain rule. If I want to stay with my team I was positive, if I wanted to leave I complained, complained, complained. Worked perfectly for me at the early stages.

    Once you have a higher rep level teams will come to you with offers anyway.
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Yep, to get other teams interested you have to drive good, and answer the press negatively.
  10. I like it slagging of your team in the chance you get a better car, that is one I will give CM very nicely done I like it! Oh also today at Melbourne sitting in the garage car's zooming by in the practice session, I am watching the time's a little, about to do Rob the Knob an R&D favour, I tell him "C'mon then Rob the Knob, lets do this R&D for ya" started her up massive roar of engine then that slight moment of silence the rev's die down and what do I hear in game, a little birdy tweeted and it made me :D and think amongst all this noise and chaos the sound bloke's actually did a great job.
  11. I just press the right-hand option every time ... works for me
  12. Rob the knob...... oh gawd :roflol:

    Haven't gotten past the 1st season yet but all I ever did was go with the left answers in the interviews with maybe a few middle answers. Got me an offer from Virgin, HRT, Lotus, Toro Rosso, and Sauber. Force India had a pie chart but needs 20 rep to get an offer so I doubt I will reach it by the end of the season (at S. Korea with 17 rep).
  13. I was having the same problem as all you guys but in my first season with lotus I managed 6th overall and level 19 experience, lotus told me they would be releasing me at the end of the season but after I beat my rival felippe massa I was offered his seat at Ferrari after abu dhabi. So I think it doesn't really matter what you say in the press if you beat you rival the bigger teams want you.
  14. Going against your current team will impress others, giving cautious answers to certain non team questions impresses them.

    I am currently leading WDC in season 1, and have 5 teams full globe giving me offers, just rejected mclaren after beating button and went with sauber, why may you ask? because until my rep is high enough I wont get driver 1 status after an extension, so sauber made it more viable and more of a challenge so to speak.