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How to get wheel and pedals recognised

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Oops, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all I have a fanatec gt2 and csp and I thought I’d try the pedals connected to the computer on their own instead of connected through the wheel but when I start the game the pedals aren’t recognised :( They are recognised in the game controllers window on the pc !
  2. Have you re-assigned the throttle and brake axes in the game's controller settings?
  3. Im affraid that I cant assign the throttle and brake as their not recognised ingame when the wheel is pluged in, The funny thing is that if I dont plug in the wheel the pedals are recognised in the game (race 07) I have both the wheel and pedals pluged in separately via usb.
    Maybe Im doing this all wrong can the wheel and pedals be pluged in separately?
    Think ill ask in the fanatec thread :)
  4. Other than this problem you're having, how do you like the Clubsport pedals? I've ordered mine and they're supposed to be here Wednesday.
  5. yeah you can run them seperatly as i do with my logitech g27 and they are meant to work alot better using there seperate usb, are your fanatech drivers up to date, my game picked them straight away,

    make sure once you have the pedal connected via usb that you go into the fanatec profiler and configure and calibrate the pedals so the profiler detects them as a seprate device

    jeremy your love the csp there super build quality design, just so awsome take awhile to adapt too but once set up corretly there awsome,