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How to get the best visual quality?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by anthonyl59, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Im running 2 x GTX 670's in SLI and am trying to get the best possible visual quality.

    It seems that no matter how high I set the AA or AF there are still lots of jaggies..

    Does anyone know how to overcome this?
  2. yeah, go to nvidia controll panel and put AA in you controll panel on Assetto Corsa's Profile on max that avaliable not only that but turn all the options on max. if there is no AC profile then make one.
  3. Here is what I did to achieve good graphics (for NVIDIA GPU's):

    In-game settings:

    1- Turn off HDR and Motion Blur (both options are causing that blurry aspect);
    2- Set Anisostropic Filtering to 2x (it's VERY resource intensive on this game, don't know why);
    3- Set Shadows to High and AA to 4x;
    4- Turn off Vertical Sync (use NVIDIA Inspector's one instead);
    5- Turn off "Lock Onboard Camera to Horizon";
    6- Set Cubemap Resolution to Low (very resource intensive) and Faces per Frame to 6 (for real-time car reflections);

    NVIDIA Inspector:

    1- Create a profile for Assetto Corsa (add both acs.exe and acShowroom.exe);
    2- Set AA Transparency Supersampling to 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling (say goodbye to jaggies and ugly shadows);
    3- Set Vertical Sync Tear Control to Adaptive or On (optional).

    Results: 60 FPS all the time (except during Monza replays).

    My configuration: i5 2300, 4GB, SSD and GTX 660Ti.


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  4. Do these work with HDR on?
  5. I think they do, but you might experience some blurriness, as the HDR causes it.
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  6. @ Andre G..
    Great settings and a "massive" performance and visual boost to boot.
    I'd never even used the NV inspector.
  7. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Interesting, for me it seems like Faces per Frame can make it laggy!
  8. Lazarou


    Great settings Andre, thank you i'm running a 660ti as well.
  9. Its just like rfactor2 unfortunately. In nvinspector, set your Asseto Corsa profile to application controlled everything, then set 4x sparse grid supersampling. in game set to 4x AA... this will make the image quality very good, but will eat half your frame rate. Asseto Corsa uses a differed renderer, so sparse grid is the only way to get rid of the jaggies.
  10. André I will try your settings tonight, beacause I have troubles with AA and graphic quality as well (I hva a GTX 780)

    One question: If I want to install Nvidia Inspector, do I have to remove before the official nvidia panel?

    Thank you.
  11. Dont remove anything.Inspector is used only when you want to change game settings.
  12. it means, I will have 2 programms:

    -The official Nvidia Panel
    -Nvidia Inspector


    In other words:
    Is NVidia Inspector an additional program to the official Nvidia Panel?
    or does NVidia Inspector replace the official Nvidia Panel (and in this case, I have to delete the official Nvidia Panel)?
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  13. Thanks André! Excellent settings! Keep us informed if you can enhance them later on during the beta! ;)
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  14. SandroX

    Reiza Studios

    Can't find it, can you show a screenshot please? Found it.
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  15. Which is the better video card vendor at present, as in, which performs the best, NVidia or ATi/AMD?
  16. Stelios


    Uh-oh, here comes the sh*tstorm :D
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  17. I tried "Geforce Experience" (no support for AC) aswell as the Nvidia Control panel and it does not show those specific settings you mention. I have 4x supersampling on and it helps but not enough to make screenshots look clean and "jaggy free".

    Using a single GTX670
  18. I would choose Nvidia If your main focus is Pcars, rFactor 2 and perhaps even Assetto Corsa. In other games AMD cards perform usually very well but for some reason they have performance issues at least with rFactor 2. I dont think there is clear winner in whole as the performance changes from game to game.
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  19. I've got an ole AMD HD5850 and AC runs perfectly fine on it, despite its very advanced age. But the antialiasing fix seem to work much better on nVidia than on AMD cards.
  20. Both AMD and Nvidia are erforming about the same with the best cards they sell. It is up to the user what he or she wants.
    Some games use the CUDA cores of Nvidia cards for extra effects, but not much software uses it. At the other end, AMD cards are mostly cheaper for the performance they give.
    I use Nvidia because I use the cuda cores in some 3d endering software, but if I didn't, I would just go for a good AMD card.