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How to Get Proper incar view

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ollie Chamberlain, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    just downloaded rbr and have to say its brilliant (and only £5!)

    The issue i`m having is with the views and the control settings.
    I change my g25 key configuration in the game but it doesn`t seem to save it.

    Also, when i`m in the car, its like the camera is sitting on the dash. i.e. i can`t see the dash / steering wheel etc like a proper in car view.

    Any idea on what i can do to fix?

  2. Downloaded and using the RSRBR09 mod? If so you'll need to launch the game using the launch RBR SSE option to save controls. Also in RSCenter there will be an option to load the camhack - you can bind controls to move the camera around meaning you can have a proper cockpit view.
  3. very helpful matey, thanks.

    This ain`t an easy game to play is it!!
  4. Great to see you on board with RBR Ollie, looking forward to seeing you joining our RBR Club Events.
    I use the Cam Hack mod to setup my preferred driving view, you can set it almost to any view you want and it is easily fine-tuned. I think the instructions for using it are added to your RBR folder when you install RSRBR, but if you have trouble, let us know and we can give you some links to them.

    Yep, this game is probably one of the most difficult to learn initially, but I guess that is realistic to real Rally driving. The learning curve is pretty steep, but don't worry too much about that, just check out our results in the RBR Club events, most of us have plenty of "retired" stages. It just adds to the fun (if you have the right attitude), and when you complete a good stage, it feels very rewarding.

    Hop into our RBR Club Rallys, get on TS, and you will be assured of some good laughs and stories of horrendous crashes. :)
  5. Hey hey Ollie! Welcome here also. happy to see more man aboard. Keeps the game running.

    It is indeed not the easy sim like all the rest out there! this is hardcore but it tends to give you much more back once you get it all under control. These rallys here on RD are top notch. keep the practice up and TS on, and you should be fine. :)
  6. Hi all,
    Thankyou very much for the positive comments.
    I started initally with GTR EVO in RD but this is a brilliant example of how the RD format of pc racing sims is helping get drivers into different, sensible platforms for all types of racing.

    I actually compete in hillclimbs and sprint in my pulsar gtir (pic in my sig).

    GTR evo has been helping with my line disciplines and i look forward to how RBR contibutes also. Most of all though, i`m looking forward to some good rallying.

    I`ve found out now how to move the camera in the car, so do i have to go into the game files and change the settings for each car in order for it to set to the same default each time i load up the car?

    Thanks again all,
  7. I think you can do it that way, but it may take a long time to get each view fine-tuned.

    All I do, is to turn on CamHack, adjust the view in-game to my preference, save it, and I get that view each time the Rally starts.
    I do my fine-tuning with the selected car in a quick practice session first.
    I can't remember the exact keys for fine-tuning and saving the view, I'm away from home at the moment.
  8. I didn't knew you could save them, brilliant! :victory:
  9. I think you can save up to 9 views, wish I was at my racing PC, then I could let you know the keys. It's all explained in the Cam Hack readme.