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How to get contracts from top team?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by kit_cappuccino, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone I am new to this forum.:)
    I am playing 5 years career, won the WDC at the first season with Toro Rosso, currently in 2nd season with the same team...
    Just want to know how can I get contracts from top teams like Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren?
    And which is the fastest car in the game?

    Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks:)
  2. Its hard to be offered a contract with a top team early on in a 5/7year career. You will need to win the WDC and constructors camp a couple of times, also try to score points in every round, beat your team mate on become the no1 drive for your team. You can also try not to except a contract offer until your last race of the session, teams sometime offer contracts last minute.

    I don't really find that there is much between the Red Bull, Ferrari or McLaren, I think the Red Bull is faster in the corners, McLaren is a little faster on the straights and Ferrari somewhere in-between.
  3. I also forget to say that your driving level effects contract offers, the top teams are level 30 and higher.
  4. when they ask you who your rival is (i think its somewhere in mid season) u will get 3 choices pick the one who drives for the team u wanne move to beat him in points and the end of the season and that team will offer u a contract

    example u are 6th in champ table 5points behind Button, 8 in front of Kubica and 11 in front of rosberg and u say that kubica is your rival and u finish above him at the end of the season, than renault will offer u a contract :]
  5. short note on the rival seat if you do beat your rival and its for a higher team dont be too dissapointed if at the end of the season said team dont offer you a contract at the end of your season with them even if you finish first because i have heard that a few people have not got renewed contract after doing really well with their team because your rep might not be high enough to stay with the team
  6. Thank you for your advice mate:)
  7. Question, when you finish a race and then you appear to get level ups.. the gauge goes up and the numbers go up.. is that your reputation? Anyone know more about that?
  8. Yes that is your reputation. Although it seems to go up very slowly and in somewhat random amounts. I just won Monza from pole in a Torro Rosso and it moved like 5 pixels. The race before that I Q'ed 5th and finished 7th and it went up loads, like a quarter of the box..........I don't get it?????
  9. depends on difficulty levels and what aids you have on like TCS and ABS and stuff like that
  10. Well that would make sense, but I play on the hardest difficulty with all aids off and it still seems very random between races when all other factors remain the same.
  11. Just had a thought, maybe its related to your 'expected' position as calculated by the team. For me at Torro Rosso, sometimes its 12th sometimes it 18th. So if you win when you were expected to finish 12th, that gets less points than if you come 5th when you were expected to finish 18th?
  12. Well I signed for Red Bull At level 22 before I had finished the season I signed for them after Sazuka so I would say the top teams are level 20 because I had refused there 1st offers so I could take $12,500,000 for next seasons having to finish 12th as an objective.
  13. my rep seems to go up pretty much the same every time i finish a race no random aspect to it at all
  14. im 27 and i have no contracts from RBR or McClaren or Ferrari the only way i got into Ferrari was by beating Alonso so i find that hard to believe not saying your lying just hard to believe
  15. Here is a screenshot of my level and team for those who find it hard to believe. I am not tring to prove how good i am all i am tring to do is say it is possible to sign for a top team at level 22 may be 20 as they had offered me a contract before but it was for $9,000,000 and renulat was offering $11,000,000 at level 22 I signed for Red Bull for $12,500,000 and that was after Sazuka wich was also the end of the season as I had won the season by then the last races was just a formality but I was trying for the constructors as well wich I never won came 3rd with MClaren and Red Bull Finishing above me


    This image is from Season 2 as you can see in the back ground Red Bull and bottom left is my level
  16. How are you racing for Red Bull at level 24? At level 26 I was able to be offered Force India at best offering me £16 mill pa, now half way through season 3 with poles in 8 out of 10 races Im being offered at best Ferrari but need level 36, as our friend mentioned earlier even with wins and aids off in high difficulties its so slow to level up now, going to be ages before I get to level 36 at this rate. So far Ill only be able to go to Renault which requires level 19 according to my screen this year.

    On another note, Force India offered me £16 mill this year but now they wish to renew my contract fo rnext year but are only offering £15 mill, whats up with the tight wads, winning most of the races for them this year and theyre offering me less, way to keep me on...NOT!
  17. I cant say why I am Driving for Red Bull I declined all offers one by one as the season moved on better and better teams offered me a contract and after I had decline them the first time at level 22 I took there offer of $12,500,000 after the sazuka race but I did not say I was intrested in moving in the interviews I said something like "I am just thinking of the season ahead" I never said I was looking to move may be that has something to do with it
  18. I'm lvl 17 and racing for red bull
  19. I was offered Force India at the very start of my career.

    I think a big part of it is not your rep, etc etc but how you answer the press, at the begining of your career and how you answer them during the press intervies etc.
  20. cheers for the pic danny thats mad your lucky ha just one thing how long is your season that might have something to do with it