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How to get car skins in game properly

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by alex little, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. alex little

    alex little

    I'm Having some trouble getting my skins working the AMS. The problem is that i my skin turns up yellow in the game but when i drive the car the skin tuns up. Its kinda hard to explain. I'll show some screenshots, This has been drive me mad if anyone know how to get skins in the game problely. PLEASE help me what am i doing wrong.

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  2. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Is it possible that the template your working with is not square? In that case you will have to resize to 2048x2048 (or 1024x1024??) before exporting to .dds file.
    When the format is not square, Automobilista looks for the first skin it can find and show something unrelated to your skin.
  3. Paulo Gomes

    Paulo Gomes

    I´m still a bit noob working with photoshop, but this how I save my .dds files for car skins