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How to fix Starting Lights Error in GTR Evo

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by KieferDJW, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    the forum search ended without solution, so I'm starting a new thread.

    As maybe some of you know, the default starting lights don't work so well with GTR Evo.
    Race 1 (flying start): the lights don't switch to green
    Race 2 (standing): the lights switch to soon to green, but you have to wait 1-2 sec until the game "let you drive".

    race 1.jpg

    race 2.jpg

    I know that this isn't such a biiig problem, but its frustrating...

    thanks a lot,

    regards, Sebastian
  2. problem solved.
    got to be edited with 3DSimEd.
    Thanks guys!
  3. Could anyone send me working startlights? I need to have the track ready by the weekend and all that's missing are HQ RD logo and working startlights. I can upload the lights in gmt format, i can't upload the whole track since it's a secret... Cold Laps. hups, slipped... But if there's a solution by opening the Default XPack and fixing it there, that ould be even better. So, help!
  4. I have to take mine out now :( I tried to solve it simply by replacing the green lights with red ones but they will stay on during the race, gives false signal if the track is is under redlights all the time.. It's sad that this question is common as the default XPack is faulty for everyone and the answer is simply, "use 3dsimed", no description of what is the error.. So,i have to do what with the 3dsimed?
  5. ebrich


  6. Thanks, i think i found the error, there seem to be one step missing from the animation, haven't checked but i think i saw 0,1,1,1,1,0 in XPacker, instead of 0,0,1,1,1,1,0 ...
  7. ebrich


    After many hours of hair pulling I finally found that this works. From
    Need to change the material name, length of sequence and the frequency to 0.2.

    1. open your stlite.gmt and stglow.gmt in 3dsimed , then edit materials as following :

    2. in the stlite.gmt :

    change material name rdlta to stlita
    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0011110

    change material name rdltb change to stlitb
    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0001110

    change material name rdltc to stlitc
    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000110

    change material name rdltd change to stlitd
    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000010

    change material names grlta to stlite
    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000001

    the sequence is 7 numbers long !!

    3. edit materials of the stglow.gmt

    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000001

    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0011110

    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0001110

    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000110

    In "Animation" box change "Sequence" to 0000010
  8. Race07 there's no need to rename stuf, they use default names for startlight instances. But that's it, 7 step in the animation is needed, in default XPack there is 6.
  9. Excellent! Thank you so much, i was going to update the fixed lights to my CK-Tools pack, it's in DL section. Can i put your's in there, with credits off course?
  10. These are scratch built off someone elses request not the same as the BTB ones. Do what you like with them, I love making the things.
  11. Ok, i will check them out and tell you what i think and do with them.

    EDIT: Couldn't get them to work but i managed to fix the Default XPack so that it works. I will upload that today, i'll include the CK-Tools to it (edit:done). And i'll update the CK-Tools pack to include working lights as well. Thanks to all, this thread is now [SOLVED]...

    If you like to correct the Default XPack startlights by your self, here's small tutorial:
    - Copy the Default XPack from /XPacks to XPacker/XPacks. Extract the zip.
    - Open XPacker, open Default XPack.
    Find materials:
    - GRLTA, RDLTA, RDLTB etc under Objects\Roadside\Lights\Start lights
    - GRTLGLOWA, RDLTGLOWa, RDLTGLOWB etc under Objects\Roadside\Lights\Start lights glow
    - Insert 0, at the beginning of the animation sequence for every material listed. For ex: GRLTA should have 0,0,0,0,0,0,1 instead of 0,0,0,0,0,1 Zip the XPack and enjoy your new working start lights.

    The sequence (NONE,red,red,red,red,red,green) now starts with no lights on and turn red after the in-game startlights starts and turn green when the in-game lights turn off, they also stay green thru the whole race.. Old startlights had: red,red,red,red,red,green.

    Remember to backup the original Default XPack, you may need it later when you get a project that uses the old startlights. I don't know if they work mixed but better be sure.
  12. ebrich


    Great, thanks both. Now have a choice of lights. Must check to see if I really need to change the material name as it seems I shouldn't need to!