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How to fill up the center?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nfshp253, May 10, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm making the Nardo High-Speed Ring! I would like to request help in how to fill up the empty portion as seen in the picture. Because of the camber of the track, I cannot afford to fill up the center from terrain nodes that I would create from the inside of the track (that's what I did last time) as it would turn out to follow the camber of the track for the terrain and then only flatten out to form a fill after going to a negative Y-axis value. I want a fill at Y-axis value of 0 (at ground) but not overlapping my pit lane. I don't know if you understand this, so I've posted a picture.

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  2. Before I add camber to the track I make a copy of it first and make it the inside apron of the track. Make the infield grass section off the main track copy. This will give you a level surface. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but when I do the steps you described above, the infield grass section would cover up the pit lane because the pit-lane is positioned at Y-axis of -2.50. Is there anyway to lower the grass section's Y-axis coordinate because adjusting the pit lane higher would not allow me to join the ring (which is cambered at 22.5 degrees) smoothly because pit lane has a flat camber. Help. The pit lane's -2.50 Y-axis coordinate is such as to allow the pit lane to join seamlessly with the ring. So please help.

    P.S. I don't know how to define the "pit lane" described above as pit lane for start position and pitting. Defining the drive line of the pit lane area gives a strange drive line that goes through the pit area then right across to the other side of the ring. (see picture)

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  4. A few options for filling (If the infield is flat and undrivable):

    • You could just place a background image to fill it. (assuming the track height is at 0), bounded by walls.
    • Create a second flat bit of track in the middle to create the infield from terrain from.
    • Add one huge piece of track section that sits at the height you want. It needn't be round since you would never see the parts under the oval.

    And regarding the pit lane, you will want to add the pit lane path in the AI file rather than via BTB as I think BTB only supports a single drive line and really only to aids testing (hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong).
  5. Thanks, but as said in my previous post, the extra track I call pit lane is at a height of -2.55, so using a background image would (I think) cover that track (I can't try as I get unhandled exception error or something like that when I try putting in a background image).

    I can't understand your 2nd and 3rd point very well.

    Anyway, this is what I would like to achieve:

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  6. You could try moving all the tracks up by 2.55. Not sure how easy this would be though.

    Option 2. Create a new track (perhaps a tiny ring) right in the centre of your gap (at -2.55) This will be flat and you can easily create the terrain from it. When you reach your existing terrain simply join the two up.

    Option 3. Create a new track and simply make it a huge square that covers the entire gap. You wont be able to blend on it though.

    Regarding the background image, are you using a .DDS for it?
  7. Also make sure your background image is to the power of two on both sides, i.e. 256, 512, 1024, 2048 etc
  8. Now I understand! Anyway, the background image is a .jpg. If i use option 2 or 3, won't I increase the track file size substentially and affect the loading time? Can a open-ended line-shaped track work for the option 2?
  9. I don't think it will affect the loading time. But you could always delete the track at the end once the terrain is created. This will only delete the first set of polys attached to the track. You could then close up this smaller hole manually.
  10. Thanks, I'll try your suggestion! Got to study now for tomorrow's exams...
  11. Your suggestion works! Thanks so much but I would like to know how to change the texture fill like grass and sand for individual terrain layers. If I try changing any terrain fill (I only selected one of the terrain pieces), all the terrain layers change to the same fill. I have tried to no avail in changing individually the texture fills. Help!