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how to edit/adjust different sound levels in RSRBR/RBR?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by bDAWg, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. hi all
    I've been trying to adjust the "gear change" volume in RSRBR's sound mod back to the stock sound level...in the modded sound it's almost completely buried....I really miss hearing that loud metallic "clunk" when shifting ...it seems to add to the immersion and makes it seem as if something is really happening when I hit the plastic paddles on the old momo:)

    the info in the Audio.ini says it can be used to edit some volumes but will not keep any changes I make to the values....and editing the ingame.ini found in the audio folder does not seem to make a difference

    and increasing the volume of the 3 gearchange .wav files in the audio/cars/effect folder with sound recorder did'nt work either

    any advice would be appreciated
  2. try going to x:\Richard Burns Rally\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio

    then choose the car audio file you want to edit

  3. ahh quick reply...like that:D

    so you're suggesting I have to open up a ENG file in the audio/cars

    o.k 2 questions

    1.how do I do that
    2.do you know what you're talking about or is this speculation...have you actually done this sort of thing?

    thanks for the reply
  4. the files inside the \Richard Burns Rally\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio are .ini files thats what it is on me



    I have done it with the car that I usually driving(c4 that is) turning the turbo whine and bang bang up :)
  5. hey Terri
    I recognize the one on the bottom as the Audio.ini ....I was'nt sure if that only worked with the stock audio or if it also should work with the new sounds......but mine is in the root game folder....I don't have a sounds folder....only the unpacked and modded audio folder....and u r using rsrbr as well?

    I remember though how to edit a wav. file .....use any free audio editor and edit as a .raw file...was hoping that it would just be a matter of maybe lowering some of the new engine effects through one of the .ini's
  6. I'm using RSRBR2011 and I don't know if the audio.ini in the root folder can affect the sound of the cars, btw have you installed the rsrbr2011 mod?
  7. If you don't have an Audio folder in your RBR install (like C:\RBR\Audio) then you need to unpack Audio.dat. If you have an Audio folder that was unpacked from an audio.dat, then the game will use that instead of the dat. RSRBR comes like that tho, at least my RSRBR2011 install has an Audio directory.

    The file you are looking for is <install directory>/Audio/Ingame.ini and has:

    ; transmission sound
    Volume = 1.0
    OutsideVolume = 1.0
    MinDistance = 5.0
    MaxDistance = 40.0
  8. hey guys

    yeah I've installed RSRBR 2011 and as it turns out everything is in order...I do have a \RBR\Audio.... and I found the folder [RBR\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio] that Terri gave me the heads up on...I was confused ....blame lack of sleep:rolleyes:

    so the audio.ini that sits in the game folder root does what...adjust all of the cars? ....and the ini's in RBR\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio work on a single basis?...I will experiment with this later...

    I just finished checking out another sound mod for the stock RBR that I like alot....it's called something like the RBR full audio upgrade made by "the sound noobs".....comes with different pace notes and some really cool sounding gear change effects...hoping there's away to mix some of what I like into RSRBR's sound mod


    is it o.k. to make adjustments to the files in RBR\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio when RSCenter is running?
  9. Thanks again Terri ..the .ini in RBR\RSRBR\Sounds\Audio did indeed allow me to balance out the sound for the Impreza :good:06...

    I've increased the trans volume and toned downed all the backfiring.pops and bangs etc...never have understood why effects like that are so pronounced in rally sims...I mean some engines sound god awful and in need of a mechanic with a timing light and a new set of plugs...there's nothing wrong with a snarling and back rasping sound...love it drove a Norton motorcycle for 13 years with a minimal amount of baffling in the exhaust ....but this constant backfire thing I think is abit over done

    but I still have'nt been able to bring up the volume of my beloved gear change

    AAron I tried adjusting the values in MinDistance = 5.0..increasing this ought to make the gear change louder?
  10. I really have no idea what those values mean to be honest, I have never played with them. :)
  11. Ever heard a rally car (preferably a WRC one)? The WRCs have this cool feature called anti-lag system, which makes for some seriously cool backfiring. Also they run on a ridiculously rich mixture very often, so sometimes just a slight liftoff might mean lotsa high-octane juice in the exhaust :). They DO pop like that.

    Also the S2000 bang so insanely loud when changing gears, that it's just mouth-watering. Pity this cannot be properly done in the game :p
  12. hi Łukasz Demolin

    I had a feeling that by throwing out that statement I would be corrected if there really was a reason for all the backfiring etc.

    no I have never heard [or seen one for that matter] a real rally car...they're scarce in my part of the world...it had crossed my mind though that maybe the mixture was always on the rich side...I guess that would help protect the engine from running too hot?...and this anti lag is what?....something to do with the timing?
  13. "ALS(Anti-Lag System/Misfiring System) is an engine management system that minimizes turbo lag by injecting fuel and air into the exhaust stroke of an engine. The air/fuel travel down the exhaust where it meets the hot turbo vanes and BANG, it burns (expands) rapidly and keeps the turbo spinning to produce full boost while the driver releases the gas pedal." Source


  14. ahh o.k. now I get it :facepalm: that some of these engines are turbo charged was something that I just never thought of...well that explains also how some of them produce alot of get up and go considering their size....thanks for the info
  15. no problem :) hope to see you in one of the rdrc club event or much better the rdrc s2 :D
  16. Also, to visualise my S2000 point:
  17. wow... this fabia has really a sweet exhaust note.. like :)
  18. Split audio stream

    Hello, everyone.

    Does any one have any idea how I can split the components (voice, engine effects, road effects) of audio stream from RBR into separate channels? E.g. I'm using it with a buttkicker so I want only the engine and "bump" effects to go into buttkicker but nothing else. I know I can play with ini files to completly disable effects I don't want to use. But there's problem with co-driver pace notes, obviously I don't want them to be completly turn off. I know RBR uses EAX and supports 5.1 audio maybe there is way around it?

  19. Tobbe Bergman

    Tobbe Bergman
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Edit that file does nothing to the audio ingame for me !