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How to do sound mods?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by TheRocker74, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. How do you do sound mods for games as rFactor? Where do you find the sound? What tools and software do you use?

  2. Well , I dont do anything with sounds and never use a tool for it.
    It usually comes with the mod :)
  3. And who does the mods then? And how do they do the sounds mod?
  4. You can find mod tools Here and you can find some mod devellopers as well. You can ask them to answer your question, I have no clue how to mod sound files.
  5. Thanks man!
  6. Np :thumb:
  7. Firstly, it's allways nice to have good footage to work from, the sound quality of the footage has to be at a reasonable level for you be able to take recordings from, then you edit it some more in your DAW's (Digital audio workstations) and get some nice sounding loops together that repeat nicely, (startup, idle, on power, and off / coast etc)

    Then it's all about playing with the loops and getting them sounding nice and raw / powerful, but first filter any unneeded noises that could of been picked up from the mic, (it's quite hard to get recordings taken with very good mics if you don't have any good footage or taken any yourself with very good recording equipment, I only do work for development company's so I get supplied footage most of the time) allot of the time it's the high requencies where the noise is picked up so filter some if it out and then use eq's to get the frequencies sounding nice. Then you could use something like a VST tube amp to get the loop sounding nice and powerful, and then in the final proscess you could use Maximizers and Limiter's to get the Loop sounding much louder, but there is volume multipliers in rFactor that can do that for you. After that it's all about knowing the code in the SFX file so you can get your work in game and tweak it accordingly.

    It's quite a bit of work and I would have to go on quite a bit more to explain about the coding and other stuff I have missed out, but I think this gives you a idea.

    Software I use is:
    Renoise and Wavelab for most of the FX and mastering and recording stuff.
    Soundforge for all the editing ffrom the recordings and making the loops.
  8. Thanks for your input here :thumb:
  9. No Problem, If I had the time I would try and explain in further detail, it would take quite some time though, but I hope what I said can potentially help anyone starting off with making car sounds and if you have any questions I don't mind answering if I can! :cool:

  10. Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your input. Great to hear how you work. I have actually done a few games myself, but is interested in learning about other peoples techniques.

    One thing I have noticed is that in rFactor, many loops seem to be very low pitched. Do you know why that is?

    Where do people get their recordings from? You can find more about my own recordings at Pole Position Production - High Quality Audio for High Quality Games

    Please get back to me. It would be great to learn more about how you treat the sound recordings, and what software and plug ins you use for different purposes.

    I use Logic and the EXS24 to get an even pitch and to loop. Then I use the Logic plugins and some SSL stuff.

    Kind regards,
    Max (Audioslave)
  11. What games?

    You need to change the pitch tone in the SFX file to suit the sound sample, you have to tweak it right to get the right rpm, there is FMOD too, but that's a whole new world to get into.

    FMOD music & sound effects system

    If you open up a .SFX file in rFactor with notepad, scroll down and you'll see something like.

    // coast inside
    EngRPMCoastInside=(0, 1.00, 2543.00, 1816.00)
    EngRPMCoastInside=(1, 1880.00, 3739.00, 4420.00)
    EngRPMCoastInside=(2, 3034.00, 4550.00, 4120.00)
    EngRPMCoastInside=(3, 4530.00, 10000.00, 4220.00)

    I have made bold what you change to get the right rpm pitch in game, you lower the values to get a higher pitch and higher the values to get a lower pitch.

    Lot's and lot's of tweaking with EQ's / Valve, tube amps, filters limiter's etc.

    EQ's like the TL Audio EQ, other mastering plugins, ( look for Elemental audio VST plugins) Voxengo tube amp, etc, you can use all them in your DAW.

    Renoise and Wavelab for most of the FX and mastering and recording stuff.
    Soundforge for all the editing from the recordings and making the loops.

    I use DSP effects too, which come with my Emu 1820m audio card.
  12. edit: sorry wrong thread.../..
  13. I have been involved in Simbins Race and Race07. I think they used some of our recordings for GTR Evo as well. You can read more about us on

    I'm quite familiar with fmod, it's very easy to work with, but sometimes it sound less good in my oppinion. But you get very many possibilities.

    Do you have any tweaking favourites with plugins?

    I have found that many samples in rfactor are at the same low pitch, and that they all have the same rpm in the sfx file. How do you do that?

    Thanks for sharing, man!

  14. Elemental Audio Systems

    But in 2006 they gone so have to go searching for the plugins.


    (Try not to use too much tube, just enough to give the samples a nice warm feel to them, but not too much so it distorts. (I personally use real tubes though)


    Please explain a bit more don't think I understand what you mean fully.