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How to creat a New Team

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Ihab Abbas, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Hello gentlemen,

    For about 4 months I was monitoring your league and watching your races online, and I was happy doing that as it is a well orgnized league.
    I am willing to join the league as a driver or to have my own team, and this is my question "How to creat a New Team"? what should I do? I am looking to join next season so any advices will nice from you.

    and if any of the teams here interrested to give me a chance to drive for it will be cool also for the rest of the season.

    more than 2 years in sim racing, LFS, rFactor, WTCC, Race07, GTR EVO, STCC, Race On, GTL, GTR2.
    at the time bieng I am part of GRC and R2P and Race connect.
    I did won some races and got some podiums and I like to share setups and work on them and can do skin working.

  2. To join this league still in this season, you can contact the teams to ask if they need a driver. I think Ane Racing team still need some drivers, but I am not sure.
    To create a team will be a bit more difficult. I think you then need to find drivers who are fair racers and you must make sure that every race you can fill the 2 places on the grid. At the end I think it is up to the Organizers of STC to decide whether your team will be accepted or not, but I don't think the chance for that is very high, as we already have a lot of teams and GTR Evo is quite limited on the number of cars on the grid.
    So if I were you I would try to join an existing team.
  3. ok that is fair, but how to be a Licensed Member here ?
  4. to become a licensed member at RD go Here and have a read
    then write a application and wait till it is accepted
  5. :) You where just a little bit faster :)
  6. <-- ninja skills :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.