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How to convert NMSS elevation data into 3ds?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by -Jesse-, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I've been googling on this topic for days now and I've made almost no progress :beat-up:

    What settings to use for download at NMSS, what programs to use etc. I've got 3DS Max, 3dSimEd etc.

  2. Finally figured it out:

    Download data as GeoTIFF ->
    Import into 3dem, export as USGS DEM
    Import into Google SketchUp, save as SketchUp
    Import into 3dSimEd and export as 3ds.
    Import into Xpacker and find out that you have too many vertices for BTB. Redo the Google S.U. import with less points and try again...

    There MUST be an easier way, but atleast it works. If you wan't to see how the data looks like in BTB and how I use it, see my Meadowdale project at the WIP subforum.
  3. I did it your way, although I started from Google Earth which shortcuts the first two steps. My problem is that the object seems to stay georeferenced and I can't rotate it to the same position as my track and background image. That came about because I wanted the track to line up with the background image...

    Any ideas on how to move the terrain object into place?

    Edit: I take it back, the object is not georeferenced, it just can't be moved. Too big, I guess?
  4. Maybe you have the "rest on ground" option on like I did. Uncheck it and even big ones move nicely.

    BTW, NMSS data can be (in some areas) much more accurate than what you get from Google Earth.