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How to convert GTR2 or rFactor cars to GTR Evolution?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by stofcry54, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know how can I convert mod from gtr2 or rfactor to GTR EVO.

    I know that I need to use 3Dsimed but........

    If someone knows how can I do, and explain me step by step from the begining (start with the origine mod for gtr2 or rfactor) to the end (introduce the new mod on the game), I will be very happy.

    I think I will need some tools to do it.

    Please help me, I search since last year how can I do and I don't find....


    PS: Sorry for my english.
  2. That's one thing I would very much like to know too!:)
  3. converting cars is a hugely more complex task than converting tracks... and from what i know from messing with tracks, won't be something you can concisely boil down into 5 neat bullet points....

    also, 3dsimed is definitely a tool for tracks.... dunno if it handles cars (never tried)....
  4. To convert a car to Race07/GTR Evo/STCC

    You'll need 3DSimED to convert the GMT's
    You'll need a HexEditor for the MoTeC, Wipers and maybe the mirrors...
    You'll need Number2File to make Hex numbers
    You'll need ZModeller2 maybe...
    You'll need 3D Studio Max for mapping textures etc
    You'll need GCFScape to extract files from Steam's archives
    You'll need WTCCED.exe v0.2.2 to decrypt the extracted files that came from the .gcf's via GCFScape
    You'll need hours and hours and hours of free time...
    You'll need alcohol to make you brain stop so you can sleep...
  5. if you want more help, just ask... :)
  6. Thank you Gunthar Rowe.
    I have try to find these softwares,
    3dsimed, I have only the demo, but I think it's ok to start
    HexEditor, OK
    Number2File, I don't find it.
    ZModeller2, I will download it if I need
    3D Studio Max, OK
    GCFScape, I don't find it.
    WTCCED.exe v0.2.2, don't find link for direct download. Or software doesn't work
    Hours and hours, OK, I have and I love make thinks like that.
    Alcohol, OK, but just for fun.

    What I would like to know are:

    What differents there are between GTR2 files and GTRevo?

    I know that I have to convert graphics files with 3Dsimed, .car and .GTR

    But after that........

    Can you explain me the structure of GTR evo Mods and compare it to the others files (GTR2 and Rfactor)

    Thank you very much for your help.
  7. please dont post links to this illegal tool
  8. for the gmt's use 3dSimED to do a batch conversion to GTREvo...

    biggest different from rF/GTR2 and Evo is that there is no .GTR's or .mas files that contain all the files...
  9. Thank you very much for your help,

    I will download the softs and some mods from GTR2 and rfactor, and try.

    What is this file .inccar, did one mod can work without?
  10. Hello,

    I have download these 3 soft.

    Thank you for the links,

    I have download the Rfactor Gallardo challenge Mod.

    I would like to start to work on it.

    My goal is to make the conversion for GTR EVO offline.

    What are the first thinks to do???

    Thank you
  11. Hi all,
    I'm trying to convert some prototype models from GTR2, I'm completely new to this!
    So, here is the point: the cars (2 Courage C65 and a Radical SR9) work (they show up in the menus and you can chose and drive them as well), but Motec, mirrors and diskglow don't.
    Could (please) someone explain how to set them properly?
    Other thing... I noticed driver's arms are in the right position when the steering wheel is centered, but when you turn it (on your left or right), the more you turn, the more the hands desn't match with it... Is understandable :) ? Is there a way to set up this too?

    Thanks to all for your answers!
  12. you need to hex edit the MoTeC.
    you need to UV map the mirrors, or use the GTR2 gmt's if avail...
    discglow, use one from a SimBin car then resize it in 3DSimED and then adjust the pivot points...
  13. Hi Fabrizio,
    what was your process to convert these files (starting from the GTR2 files)?

    Hi Günther Rowe, I sent you a PM for some info, I hope you have no probleme with that.
  14. I have replied :)
  15. @ Günthar

    Thanks Günthar,
    Can you please give me some help to hex edit the motec? I've read some guides on the net but I can't find the right way to do it... seems I miss some step...
    For the mirrors i'll try to do what you say, but I'm really a noob in this things and I think I'll be soon in trouble :)!
    For the diskglow it seems easy to do... I will give you a reply soon!
    Thanks for your answer!

    @ stofcry54

    Soon I'll try to write down every step I do, but consider it as a noob-work! (now I'm @work)
  16. FlashQld did our Mirrors and MoTeC so you could try PMing him here or going over to www.fvrfactor.com ... are you in need of animated wipers? as this requires Hex work and I can do that in no time at all, but this requires a in game working car first :)
  17. so, were to start:

    original authors permission if you want to release it

    then extract the files from within the .mas or .gtr files

    then extract and decrypt the files from Race07 from a car that is close to that of what you are converting... files required are:


    you will need all the .ini and .gen files from the original mod too...

    once you have this all done, you will need to edit the .inccar to suit your new car

    then start on the .cas, this needs to be compiled from data from the .ini's you have in the original mod (usually the .cas is built from data from three different .ini files) You'll see the Race07 one and the GTR2/rF files have much of the same stuff. This is a line by line process... find the rF entry to match the one from R07 you are up too.

    start with this and get back to me :)

    you can PM me and we can go via email as we can attach files etc from there...
  18. Thanks Günthar!
    The cars I've converted work in game. "Only" mirrors, motec and diskglow don't. The cars i'm trying to convert are prototypes so I don't need wipers :) .
    Btw, I'll pleased to share my work with you... For now I haven't asked the permission yet, because I'm working for myself... but reading some forums around the net, it seems a good idea the prototypes convertion...
    Thanks for your answer again, I'll let you up to date!
  19. hey guys how can i make a standalone car mod using a car currently in game? eg turn a bmw 320i into an mg?
  20. Fastest way for discglow is to use some SimBin ones, move them into place and resize them to suit, and then adjust the pivot points if required...