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XB1 how to change the fuel you start with

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Daniel Smissen, May 8, 2015.

  1. Doing Career, racing the ginetta junior with one mandatory pitstop. the game seems to want to start me with 45 laps of fuel for a 8 lap race. ive looked and cant seem to find out how to change it
  2. I've been looking for it as well, to change before starting a race. Actually I even couldn't find how much fuel I have, where'd you see the amount of fuel? I was also wondering if there were options to change other parameters as well (ex. camber, etc.). Only found tire temps.

    EDIT: You mean in Pitstop settings? When I raced Formula A, it also showed a minimum of 99Li! I wanted to lessen it for only an 8 lap race. :confused:
  3. Hi, I was driving formula A on practice and got some damages. Pit stop request doesn't even work(don't know if only on practice). So, I just went to pit, menu came up, added fuel and 'yes' to all to fix damages but nothing happened. i just drove by the pits out the track with no changes.
  4. I mean at the start of a race, the car is being fueled for a 8 lap race with 45 laps of fuel which makes the car heavier then needed
  5. If it's the same as on pc It's in tuning setup. You should be able to change between tires & brakes, areo, ... and engine
  6. in my ginetta junior career the fuel option just isnt there