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How to change qualifying format ( duration and rules)?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by JeDa, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. hi,
    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the qualifying format? I want to change it to the old F1 style 60 minutes and 12 laps. I tried altering the series file but it doesnt work....

    Is this possible?

    Thanks, JeDa
  2. In the track gdb, here's a selection of some of the lines you can insert :

    RacePitKPH = 100
    NormalPitKPH = 100
    TestDayStart = 10:00
    Practice1Day = Friday
    Practice1Start = 10:00
    Practice1Duration = 90
    Practice2Day = Friday
    Practice2Start = 13:00
    Practice2Duration = 60
    Practice3Day = Saturday
    Practice3Start = 11:30
    Practice3Duration = 60
    QualifyDay = Saturday
    QualifyStart = 13:00
    QualifyDuration = 40
    QualifyLaps = 12
    RaceDay = Sunday
    RaceStart = 13:00
    RaceLaps = 77
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  3. Thanks, it works! Is it also possible to use the modern qualifying format? If i look at the series files, it should be possible, however i have no luck using them......
  4. No unfortunately not. Reiza did intend to include it, and it was introduced for a while, back in SCE, but then withdrawn due to a bug. They did hope to fix it and put it back in, but I don't know whether that is still planned.