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How to change FOV

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by magicfr, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. magicfr



    I'm playing ETS2 with 3xScreen setup, but I can't find where to change the viewing FOV.

  2. Hi there,

    First, you have to download the 'scs extractor' utility. You can find it here, at racedepartment, in the Mods section of the ETS2 forum (so, you are pretty close to that section, aren't you?).

    Then go to the root folder of ETS2 and save 'def.scs' to an other location, to keep your installation clear. After that you have to put the downloaded scs_extractor.exe into the same folder.

    The next step is easy: just drag and drop the 'def.scs' file over the ''scs_extractor.exe'. A black command window will appear. Make sure you wait until the window is disappeared by itself, don't close it manually. When it's closed it means that the util has finished with extraction of the moddable content.

    You will see quite a few new folders. Look for the one called 'camera', then 'units'. Inside the 'units' folder you can see a couple of .sii files. You can edit them simply with notepad. You need the ones starting with 'interior'. Open 'interior_daf_xf.sii' for instance, and you will see a value called 'camera_fov: 77'. Change it to your liking. It's a try and miss process, really.

    After changing all interior camera files you have to inject these values back into the game. Create a .zip document including all the subfolders inside the 'def1 folder (excluding 'def' itself), so the structure of the zip file has to look like this: camera/units/all the edited interior files (8 pieces, if you alter the cameras of all trucks). You can name the .zip as you want, it doesn't matter.

    After creating this file, change its extension from.zip to .scs, and that's it! You've just created a mod for ETS2. Now, you have to copy that file into MyDocuments/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.

    I hope, I was clear enough?


  3. magicfr


    Explanations are perfectly clear.
    I don't think it'll take the time to do it though.
    A slider in the graphic menu , like most of the game , would have been better :p
  4. Indeed. :)

    If you wish, I can do it for you. Just tell me what FOV setting do you want to use (I guess, you'd like a greater FOV for a triple screen setup).

    Just for the record, I've set mine to 60 degrees. I have a 22" monitor behind my G25. The default 77 was to wide. Perspective was too exagerated, the whole simworld seemed too small. Now it's fine but I will experiment with even lower values.
  5. magicfr


    Wow, that would be very nice.
    With my 3screen setup I need a 120° horizontal please Sir.

  6. Would you please sir do it for me aswell ? :D

    I shall need a FOV of 45, but only if you accept :p
  7. magicfr


    maybe you could do some scripting to automtize this ? :)
  8. 10-4 guys. Probably I can upload your files in the evening or at night.

    Unfortunately I don't have any scripting skills, so that's not an option to me.
  9. I was able to do it by myself in the end, thanks for the instructions :p
  10. would be handy if you could upload the files when done, i'd love to give them a go myself, as the default FOV for 3 screen, just doesn't look right to me :D
  11. magicfr


    Thanks you sir I will try that tomorow :)
  12. magicfr


    THanks m
    Thanks mate, it works, but I made a mistake 120° is for total 3 screen, and the game is calculating 120° for main screen. Hoppefully you forseen that and did the 45° which work like a charm, thanks again.
  13. it don´t work :( i try´d make it myself and use your files my came crashed when i try to load a savegame:(
  14. I have tried everything to make this work, and I cannot get the FOV to change... idk what im doing wrong, what is the "mod" folder? none of this makes any sense as to how to install any of the files in the download section on this forum, like where do I PUT them?
  15. All Mods go in this folder:

    C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
    also know as your:
    My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

    Mods are files with names like: "fov80.scs". Put the ".scs" file in the mod folder.
    Mods can be examined (opened) like any .zip file with WinRAR or 7zip for example.
    Inside the .scs file are the files that are changed and which override the stock game files.
  16. Is there away to modify the camera tilt (up/down angle) permanently via a mod? I like the 90 degree fov file I found, but I'd to have the camera tilted up a bit. Would be nice not have to adjust it (via mouse look) each time I get in the car (or reset the camera).
  17. Does anyone have the mod for 60 degrees fov? Can you share it? Thx!
  18. Yeah any chance of a reupload for the 45 FOV? ;)