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How to change AI setups

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Max Spooner, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi, Im working on a mini mod and want to change the setup used by the AI to one that I created, how do I do this??, or is there some one that can do this for me??


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  2. HI,
    I think its not that hard to do, take youre setup from whichever track u want the ai to run, and copy it to create a "copyxxxx.svm then rename the svm file to the name of the track as shown in the settingsAI nomenclature in the track c:\program files\gamedata\locations\trackname dir and then look at the trackname you want, with notepad(kladblok). If you then scroll down to the 3rd from the last line in the file you will see the nomenclature called SettingsAI = xxxxxxxx.svm
    for instance as a name sample it could be 'SettingsAI = kyalami79.svm'

    Now write down that name as it is and go back and rename your
    copyxxxxxxxx.svm file to xxxxxxxx.ini and place it in the subdirectory of youre cartype where the AI is to be using youre setup.

    as a make it easy example:

    my BMW GT2 car in dir c:\program files\rfactor\GameData\Vehicles\BMWGT2 will need to use my setup for Kyalami track.

    I find the SETUP.SVM file which is caled BMWbasic.svm in the \rfactor\userdata\yourname\Settings\Kyalami and copy it to be called copyBMWbasic.ini

    Now I cut and Paste the above newly created file to my c:\program files\rfactor\GameData\Vehicles\BMWGT2 directoryan rename it 'according to the naming convention' in the TRACKxxxxxxx.GDB file which we found in the \GameData\Locations\kyalami.gdb file

    Now we take the copyBMWbasic.ini and rename to kyalami.ini and copy it to the \Vehicle\BMWGT2 dir and voila the AI wil now use the
    kyalami.ini to run youre setup during races, as long ofcourse as you use AI's LOL.

    Anyway i hope you understand what I mean here once u do it, its simple its just a pain, to explain lol.

    1 Find youre setup file
    2 renamecopy to .ini
    3 find actual track name in the trackxxx.gdb file 3rd line from the bottom.
    4 rename copy ini file to correct trackname.ini
    5 copy to dir for the AIcars that are to use your setup.

    NOTE: all AI in that race will use youre setup.

    Good luck and have fun!!:)

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  3. great post Rob, i`m sure that`ll come in handy at some time.
  4. Thanks Nige, I am a AI freak cause I run the AI first then use their time to change the SETUP so they get the best possible laptime.
    The reason I do that at my age being consistant is a total impossibility so I have to revert to some way to get consistency. Therefore I do it with the AI's and track LEARNING it works great to finalise the best setup you can make for the car.
    Once I have finished the setup so NO better lap times are created by the AI's then I go drive the car with their setup en make it/adjust it so this human can drive the car.
    The reason you always have to change the setup for human consumption is because the downforce and tire grip for the AI's is usually different then for the human, so therefore i have to adjust the setup to my liking.
    Its a different way of doing it but it works good for me and thats what counts.

  5. Hi,

    That is alot, would you be able to perhaps put that in a video tutorial??
  6. also I want that to be the AI's DEFAULT setup
  7. Im also getting stuck, what do you mean by BMWbasic.ini, how did you create it or where did you find it?????
  8. sorry no video possibility's here.
    As far as the BMWbasic thing thats just a name used for your setup when u save it so it can be any name u used to save the setup in the game when u made it.

    IN OTHER WORDS whatever u named the setup u used to race with when u saved it in the game.

    Its the setup file u created, forn the mod u want to race the ai's with.
    Follow these easy steps.

    1 Find youre setup file
    2 renamecopy to .ini
    3 find actual track name in the trackxxx.gdb file 3rd line from the bottom.
    4 rename copy ini file to correct trackname.ini
    5 copy TRACKNAME.ini to dir for the AIcars that are to use your setup in thye \vehicles dir.

    And if u really want the AI to LEARN the track before racing them check my tutorial out here http://www.simracingworld.com/content/326-rfactor-ai-learning-step-by-step-guide/

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