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How to assign clutch pedal G27

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Joe Moore, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Hi ,could somebody tell me how to assign my clutch peddle for breaking ,i just find it better with my setup.
    Sorry if ask before but i am out of options now :unsure:
    G27 Peddles

    Thank You.
  2. Go into the control menu - on the right hand side you will see all the available controller parameters - the second option is 'brake' click on it then press your clutch...you may have to click 'enter' to confirm the selection.
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  3. Yes I use the clutch and its exactly as Anthony describes, confirming with the 'return' key (not the numeric keypad 'enter' key)
  4. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Thanks for your help , but it will not let me assign my clutch for break .
    when try to assign the clutch the break peddle stays red:confused: ,i have managed to assign everything else on the wheel without a problem , strange ?
  5. Very strange. If you have saved your custom setup, it might be best to simply edit the setup file with notepad rather than trying to map it in-game.

    Or in-game maybe try mapping the clutch to your brake pedal, and then try mapping the brake to the clutch pedal.
  6. I now have the same issue. Unfortunatley, whenever I try to map a function It not only fail to do so it asks me about some other function rather than the one i'm trying to map. So frustrating.
  7. what's the exact message it is saying?

    sometime's if it does not work and i want to assign the clutch as a brake, i will first, assign the clutch pedal to throttle first of all, then change it back so the throttle pedal is assigned to the throttle, then i will try and re-do what i originaly wanted to do.

    it works ok for me, try this and let us know if you still have the problem, also if you successfully do it, make sure you change your changes.
  8. Is your H-shifter in gear? Make sure its in neutral when you are mapping anything or the game will automatically assume you are mapping the h-shifter and tell you its assigned to a gear. Like Scott says your info is a bit sketchy - what is it asking you?
  9. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Mapping ,or editing with notepad did not work :(, so then i just changed my clutch for my break on the peddles ,15 mins and its done . looked at this just to make sure there were no hidden screws , but worth looking at ,it saved me time.