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"How to add self made Car Models"?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Andreas Biester, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Searched the Forums(I'm completely new to modding SimBin titles) and found a post about that, following the links however resulted in a dead end (Thread not found/Site offline). Would love to get a few tips / FAQ for implementing the 2012 DTM cars i'm currently working on.
  2. The easiest way is to copy and edit an excisting car.
    Pick a car as close to the DTM cars as posible. Check that the files aren't encrypted (open the .inccar file with notepad and check).
    Copy the .aud, .cam, .cas, .hdc, .sp, .eng and .inccar files and paste them in your new car folder.
    Rename the files, and edit the .inccar file, so the game finds the right files

    This is what my s40 .inccar file looks like:

    Then give your car a name, a number and a class

    // Description
    Description="Volvo S40 1998"
    Model="Volvo S40 Super Touring"

    Edit the .hdc file. Check the lines, and make sure the game will find the engine file (.eng), and the suspension file (.sp).
    The game also needs to find a .tyr file and a .grb file. These can be copyed from an other carclass and be placed in your DTM12 folder.

    ApplySlowToFastDampers=0 // whether to apply slow damper settings to fast damper settings

    SpeedLimiter=1 // Whether a pitlane speed limiter is available


    Then add a team folder in the car folder.
    Add a driver (copy a .car file from an other car)
    Give the driver a race number and edit the file so it finds the .inccar file and edit the race number in the file.

    This is 08787_98_volvo.car:

    Driver1="Rickard Rydell"

    Textures in the folder that begin with the race number will be loaded for the car instead of the standard textures you will add in the car folder.

    This will add a new car to the game. The car will look like the one you copyed, but you can replace the meshes in the graphics file .cas
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  3. Did all the above and moved it into steamblablabla\Race07\GameData\Teams\DTM_2012\BMW_M3_12(GMT and everything is there), Team(Random) only contains the drivers+textures, DTM_2012 contains *.tyr and grb. Rewrote necessary lines to point to all the needed files.

    USIGN RACE07 ONLY HERE! - Series don't show up (no image ofc, but no clickable whatsoever). Also car is split into 2 parts - Mainbody and everything lese (lights/wing/rearmirrors and so on). so i pointed to Body for Body and Parts for Windows... kinda lost here.
  4. I think it's just some small detail that's wrong. If the game doesn't find a physics file the car should show up but be undrivable, so I think the error is in the .inccar file:

    // Description
    Model="Volvo S40 Super Touring"
    Try different ClassID's, class names and car IDs. The numbers must be between 1-255.
    Or you can send me a zip, and I'll try to fix it for you :)
  5. That fixed it, Car shows up as Selectable with correct textures (named after Driver ID + Texturename), Gotta add some wheels now. When i select it and load the track the game crashes though and i can't look into the *.dmp's -> if i manage to workaround this somehow being able to actually drive the car then there's only the details of the Physics/Engine/Sounds left (and adding a Interior).

    *Edit* Drivable now, no sounds and the wheels are still a mess, but i was able to take it for a ride =)
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  6. AndreasFSC
    Could you share the solution. I have a mod with the same problem. vehicle shows up and is selectable, but I simply can't drive it. game crashes.
  7. Sounds like the game can't find one of the physics files. When do the game crash? If the mod has more than one car model, test them one by one until you find which one causes the problem.
  8. It crashes while loading safety car, here's a trace.

    TRACE LEVEL = 100
    NetComm.cpp 9739 - 0.031s: NetComm checking command line: "-trace=100"
    game.cpp 1116 - 0.031s: Entered Game::Enter()
    osman.cpp 600 - 0.031s: Entered OSMan::Enter()
    vidman.cpp 938 - 1.384s: Entered VidMan::Enter()
    specialfx.cp 3908 - 3.513s: Entered SpecialFX::Enter()
    dynman.cpp 657 - 3.513s: Entered DynMan::Enter()
    plrfile.cpp 3947 - 3.529s: Entered PlayerFile::Enter()
    sound.cpp 757 - 3.617s: Entered Sound::Enter()
    hwinput.cpp 6140 - 3.724s: Entered HWInput::Enter()
    onscreen.cpp 2275 - 3.726s: Entered OnScreen::Enter()
    game.cpp 1303 - 3.742s: Entered Game::Setup()
    hwinput.cpp 6157 - 3.742s: Entered HWInput::Setup()
    options.cpp 1803 - 4.191s: Entered Options::Setup()
    tire_manager 1175 - 5.826s: Non-existent tire brand ""
    tire_manager 1175 - 5.827s: Non-existent tire brand ""
    tire_manager 1175 - 5.973s: Non-existent tire brand ""
    tire_manager 1175 - 5.973s: Non-existent tire brand ""
    specialfx.cp 3914 - 18.350s: Entered SpecialFX::Setup()
    steward.cpp 4981 - 18.350s: Entered Steward::Setup()
    dynman.cpp 669 - 18.350s: Entered DynMan::Setup()
    sound.cpp 780 - 18.350s: Entered Sound::Setup()
    onscreen.cpp 2281 - 18.350s: Entered OnScreen::Setup()
    vidman.cpp 1056 - 18.350s: Entered VidMan::Setup()
    plrfile.cpp 3957 - 18.350s: Entered PlayerFile::Setup()
    plrfile.cpp 2943 - 18.350s: Attempting to save to USERDATA\Jose Uchoa\Jose Uchoa.TMP
    plrfile.cpp 2970 - 18.353s: Retcode: 0 for renaming to USERDATA\Jose Uchoa\Jose Uchoa.PLR
    game.cpp 1391 - 18.359s: Entered Game::Init()
    vidman.cpp 1119 - 18.359s: Entered VidMan::Init()
    ai_db.cpp 2355 - 19.086s: Entered AIDatabase::Init()
    steward.cpp 5120 - 19.232s: Entered Steward::Init()
    hwinput.cpp 6204 - 19.242s: Entered HWInput::Init()
    specialfx.cp 4026 - 19.243s: Entered SpecialFX::Init()
    dynman.cpp 701 - 19.396s: Entered DynMan::Init()
    slot.cpp 324 - 19.802s: Entered Slot::Init()
    AnimationAct 225 - 20.023s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    AnimationAct 225 - 20.023s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    slot.cpp 324 - 20.446s: Entered Slot::Init()

    And here's the mod project "as is" in case someone wants to lend a hand. http://www.mediafire.com/?t0le6ddktmw7ojx