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How to: Add realfeel to any rfactor conversion

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Lazarou, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Lazarou

    Premium Member


    The aim of this post is to help with the conversion of rfactor mods with regards to steering feel and integration to the reafeel plugin in GSC Extreme.

    The steering in most conversions either ones available online, Race Department or my own up until the last few days have been a major disappointment to me and probably to you as well. Some FFB is o.k out the box some is downright crap and an instant delete up until now.

    Being an amatuer modder and I have only been sim racing 11 months. I was a bit lost and have tried various fixes mainly concentrating on the realfeel settings and also a few physics tweaks. Some felt O.K but none could match that magic feeling of the Reiza Cars. Well Rupe Wilson and I have worked out why.

    I had been chatting to Rupe Wilson and also Davy Vandevenne about a particular mod conversion (Clio Cup). Rupe was looking in the upgrade files for the mod and said he noticed that to set realfeel you had to set the FFB multiplyer in the .HDV to 0.0. I then realised what the problem was.

    The issue is in rfactor when you select a car you have the option in the upgrades section to enable the realfeel plugin or to select another setting for the FFB from weak to strong. GSC does not have that option so you are left with the original creators settings which very rarely is realfeel.


    Right this how you enable realfeel for any mod you either download or create yourself.

    1. Open the vehicle folder for the mod you want to setup. In this case it is my conversion of Formula Nippon.

    2. Look for a upgrade file that looks similar this:


    3. If you have not opened one before use notepad to open it (only need to do this once).

    4. You can now edit this entry.

    5. You are looking for a entry that looks like this.

    UpgradeType="Force Feedback Strength"
    UpgradeLevel="Default Steering"
    Description="Default FFB Setting = 3.0"

    UpgradeLevel="Strength Level 1"
    Description="116% of the Default FFB Setting =3.5"

    UpgradeLevel="Strength Level 2"
    Description="133% of the Default FFB Setting =4.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Strength Level 3"
    Description="150% of the Default FFB Setting =4.5"


    UpgradeLevel="Strength Level 4"
    Description="167% of the Default FFB Setting=5.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Strength Level 5"
    Description="183% of the Default FFB Setting =5.5"


    UpgradeLevel="Heavy Steering"
    Description="200% of the Default FFB Setting =6.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Real Feel Plugin"
    Description="FFB Multiplyer set to zero for the RealFeel plugin."


    6. As you can see to enable realfeel the setting is zero.

    7. If the mod does not have this then copy and paste the FFB entry above into the upgrade file and save and exit.

    8. Next is to enable the realfeel if it is not already set by default.

    9. In the same folder look for a .HDV file something like this.


    10. Open this up with notepad again (only needs to be done once).

    11. Scroll down the file until you come to this section.

    SteeringFFBMult=0.0 // vehicle-specific force feedback strength multiplier
    SteerLockRange=(5.0, 0.5, 37)
    RearBrakeRange=(0.200, 0.005, 81)
    BrakePressureRange=(0.50, 0.01, 51)
    HandbrakePressRange=(0.00, 0.05, 1) // disabled ... intended for rally-type cars
    UpshiftAlgorithm=(0.975,0.0) // fraction of rev limit to auto-upshift, or rpm to shift at (if 0.0, uses rev limit algorithm)
    DownshiftAlgorithm=(0.91,0.70,0.60) // high gear downshift point, low gear downshift point, oval adjustment
    AutoUpshiftGripThresh=0.65 // auto upshift waits until all driven wheels have this much grip (reasonable range: 0.4-0.9)
    AutoDownshiftGripThresh=0.60 // auto downshift waits until all driven wheels have this much grip (reasonable range: 0.4-0.9)
    TractionControlGrip=(1.01, 0.18) // Average driven wheel grip multiplied by 1st number, then added to 2nd
    TractionControlLevel=(0.47, 0.83) // Effect of grip on throttle for low TC and high TC
    ABS4Wheel=1 // 0 = old-style single brake pulse, 1 = more effective 4-wheel ABS
    ABSGrip=(1.00, 0.20) // Grip multiplied by 1st number and added to 2nd
    ABSLevel=(0.40, 0.95) // Effect of grip on brakes for low ABS and high ABS
    OnboardBrakeBias=1 // whether brake bias is allowed onboard

    12. All you need to do is set the SteeringFFBMult to 0.0 and voila you now are realfeel enabled. Save and exit.

    13. You may want/need to tweak the values in the realfeel plugin but most are quite good at the default values of.


    You now have much improved steering feel in any mod.

    Hope this helps everyone.

    Any questions fire away.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2014
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  2. That's very useful thanks Paul, I will definitely try it.

    Have you tried just moving all the other steering settings in the upgrades file, so that the realfeel one is the first option (or even deleting all the other options so that the realfeel is the only one) ?
    The reason I ask is that I have managed to get some upgrades working in GSC, and it seems to take the first option in the list.
    So if you put it first in line,(and the rest below it, or delete the rest), it will become active and will automatically change the FFB mult to 0.0 for you in the hdv, which saves you making the change in the hdv yourself.
    I have not tested this, but it should help achieve what you describe, but in less steps.

    EDIT: the more I think about it the more I wonder why it works in the first place lol.
    You see, if the upgrade file is actually working, it is telling it to make a change to the FFBMulti line in the hdv.
    If it takes the first option in the list then it will set the FFB at 3.0
    So any change you have made yourself is overwritten by the upgrade file. So I am not sure how your changes are having any effect. ?

    Anyway, I certainly have not mastered the upgrades file completely by any means, so if it works, then that's great, and I'm sorry to cloud the issue. I will certainly give this a go.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2014
  3. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Hi Keith, I know your a bit of an expert with these type of things so I have just tried out what you suggested.

    It does seem to be the case that if realfeel is first in the queue or the only one listed then that is what the .hdv file takes for its settings regardless of value.

    Being a noob at this, the Lotus 98T mod I have been working on/released did not have any values at all at first that was why the steering was crap until now. So if the mod has not got any values or no realfeel you still need all/part of this entry. Also if you did not want to use realfeel you could still need all the other values.

    The more I get into this the more I learn, sometimes there seems to be many different ways to achieve the same objective.

    As long as the mods people download or make themselves have decent steering them I'm happy, because up until now some of the ones knocking about seem to miss this most important part of sim racing.

    Also Keith you could have mentioned it before I typed all this up ;)
  4. lol, sorry, I only just saw your post.
    I did post about the upgrades file in another thread, as I found I could use it to change the power of the cars to create a better spread down the grid.

    But I'm not too much of an expert on the upgrades, I just use trial and error like you. You're right about achieving it in different ways - I managed to fix one mod's dodgy steering by copying the suspension file across from another mod. I have no idea why it worked!
  5. Any idea how to make realfeel work in rfactor 2?
  6. hex


    Doesn't rF2 already have realfeel (or something better) implemented?
  7. All I know is rfactor 2 feels numb to me, the worst of all sims, by a long way. I need something to fix it.
  8. Sorry Icarus2007 that you are having problems with rF2. I have no FFB problems with it.
  9. It's a real pain, that and iRacing feel dead to me, GSCE, Assetto Corsa and all the rest feel great.

  10. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    @Paul Smith
    I have done everything what is standing above.

    Problem is that the ffb in the middle of the steering is too weak.
    How i can fix this?
  11. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    You can adjust these values. + or - in the realfeel plugin file for the mod you are using. What is the mod you are trying tune in?
  12. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    WTCC Extreme
  13. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Sorry Franklin not used that one my self so I have not got any settings for it. I would say you need to lower the values maybe try -1200 or something and see how that feels. I've found with some mods unfortunately there is no sweet spot.
  14. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    Oke thanks,

    But what setting in the realfeel is for the middle of the steering.
    I have a G27 and in the configuration of my wheel at windows i have increase my centreerveer to 150%

    It feels a little bit better.
    But the question is why the mods are so different with the FFB.
    The clio mod of RD is great in the FFB.
  15. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Depends on what the settings are in the mod and if it has been designed with realfeel in mind i suppose. I have never been able to get on with the Clio mod whatever settings i use the ffb never feels right.

    The BAC mono in the British sports cars mod was a ffb disaster it took me hours to sort that changed a lot of the physics settings. Try setting the


    in the HDV file to different values maybe try 3.0 or 5.0 and see how that feels it may just be that the mod wont work properly with realfeel.

    I never change the Config for the wheel I always do it in the game files.
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  16. Great info guys thanks
  17. Sorry to interfere, but I might have another solution altogether. (The HUD from rFactor. It will change the UI of GSC completely and would also open up the option to use the mod's upgrades. Especially useful when running a Formula 1 mod with multiple tyre sets etc.

    Here is a preview. I also added the amount of Qualifying sessions so that when it comes back in version 1.25 we can run multiple sessions like in real life. Have been testing it in version 1.20 and it worked brilliantly. Will be sharing a download link once people show interest... :D

    IMG-20140917-WA0000.jpg xxx.jpg
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  18. Jyri Kettunen

    Jyri Kettunen
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but how is it possible for a car in a mod to not have realfeel enabled when SteeringFFBMult is set to 0, in .hdv and upgrade-files? This is the case with VirtualLM's GTPC-mod (rFactor). I'm perplexed. Is there some other setting affecting it?
  19. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    You have to setup the veh correctly, choosing a name for the car ffb. [GTPC] for instance, it is in the description line If I remember well (Need to check, PC is not close to me).
    Then put the same entry in the realfeel.ini file.

    Check the veh of any car to see what I mean ;)