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How to add gravel border to track?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Polsih, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Hi all - my first post here.

    I've made my 1st track complete with altitude variation, cambers and surrounding terrain. It took me three weeks to discover the 'w' key is used to make the wireframe visible - which brings me to my question:

    I'm trying without success to add about a metre of gravel/dirt to the side of the driving surface as shown in one of the video tutorials using the track cross section tool. Am I missing something obvious or what?

    Could some kind person give me a step-by step guide to do this please?
  2. Let's see if this is what you mean:

    In the terrain option, go to the tab where you can select the polygons with the 'single' or 'lasso' options. I normally pick the 'single' and then hold down shift and click on the polygons that I want to change. Once you have them selected, double-click on the picture of the material and look for the gravel, select it and click on 'apply'. That should change the selected polygons from the old material into gravel.
  3. Not quite what I was after ThreeDays, but still helpful as I'm very much a beginner at this 3d editing bussiness.

    I was referring to something I saw Piddy doing in one of his videos. He was using the track cross section tool to demonstrate how to place different textures and materials on the actual track (not the surrounding terrain). I want the gravel to be part of the actual track.
  4. Hi Polsih,

    In Track Surface Properties, Materials tab, put your cursor on A, hold down the mouse button and pull it to B [1st pic]. That will give a gap [2nd pic]. Click on the texture you want and hit the + button. Don't double-click the texture, that will add it to the red section.

    The same method is used for adding more textures to walls.

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  5. I do it the same way as Three Days because I then blend the next outward band of polygons with the grass texture as the gravel edge usually isn't sharp. I also didn't want to reduce the number of track surface polygons.
  6. Thanks guys. Have now had some success and will experiment further with both methods.

    The reason I particularly want some gravel or dirt on the actual track is I want the ai cars to hang a couple of wheels of the track where appropriate but I don't know how to make this happen using the ai/cam editor. Perhaps I should post this as a seperate topic?
  7. You can do this by manually editing the corridors in the AIW editor. With corridors being shown, select the waypoint [or waypoints] and move the corridors with the Shift key and the arrows. Left and right arrows to move the right corridor in and out, and up and down to move the left corridor in and out.
  8. Thanks chub!

    Why is it that I don't think to ask for advice BEFORE tearing my hair out???

    :damnit: Oh well, back to it again :)
  9. Thanks for the "w"-key for the wireframe.:rose: