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How to add cars and tracks to rFactor.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by G-Kraft, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello.

    Im new to rfactor...and cant find anywhere how to get your downloaded tracks/cars to work on rFactor..

  2. hey,for a track,it's like evo:
    for a mod,if it's not an .exe,just unzip it in your rF folder,it's very easy :)
  3. hmm..i wonder how to install the F1-09 mod? its on 4 parts...and how to install "effect" mods? like smoke/fire and so on..

  4. I belive the smoke and fire mods go here
    C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\GameData\Locations

    Also with the 4 parts you need to highlight them all and then go extract. Once you have done that , then you can put them into R Factor
  5. Still unsure of how to put the F1-09 cars in the game...where should i put them?

    And where to put skins?.

  6. habitually for a mod to unzip you just have a "gamedata" folder to unzip in your rF folder,btw if this mod is in 4 parts and you have a part for the cars,they should go there:
    x:/rFactor/gamedata/vehicles ,same for the teams skins.
  7. I have installed the F1-09 cars..they worked fine untill a exit and after some hours entered the game again..the cars dont work no more, i get a error message "MAS file" something..i have tried to uninstall and install it back..they dont work

    Anyone who had the same problem? they worked FINE! until i ended the game...

    I had some problems with the car-class selection as well(efter installed the mod)....if i try to change class the game shuts down without any error message...realy strange..

    Can anyone help me?

  8. I get this message when trying to select the F1 cars:
    gMotor2 Error
    Mas file 2009\PNEUS_2009.MAS
    What can i do?.
    Then i also have the issue that the game shuts down when i try select a car class..
  9. ???? i can't help you anymore....i've never seen this message,but maybe it come from the mod himself,or a bad installation,i'm gonna try to find this mod and see what happen ..
  10. hmm...the cars work fine now..the problem was when i tried to change car-class to "all cars" and so on...then the F1´s stoped working and game shuts down(sometimes).

    To me rFactor seems like a real mess right now(when choosing between the mods).

    How can i get rid of the annoying intro and music that follows with the F1-09 mod? why cant it work with the original intro/music?..yeah i need a manual..

    So i need some help to clean up this mess...because i dont know when my mods will work or not.

    BTW...how does the cheat work? i cant drive an unlocked car...so how to unlock them?.
  11. type in the chat window ISI_BABYFACTORY

    rFactor can be a pain in the ass, when i 1st got it i had to reinstall a couple of times. then threw asking peoples advice i rarely have problems.

    1. always read the modders notes when included
    2. extract the folders from the rars manually, dont just point it to the rFactor folder
    3. after installing a mod run the game,buy a car select test session and apply the cheat. never install more than 1 mod before starting the game.
    4. remember rFactor was released open source to enable all this mods and not all modders are as talented as Madcowie :wink2:
    5. some mods have there own intro screen, if you dont like them hit return when they pop up :)
  12. Thanks Nigel! I was looking around for info on installing car mods and tripped across this thread. Great info!:good:
  13. Sry,reacting on a post that was aswerd allready :)
  14. your welcome :)
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