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How to activate Safety Car?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by AprilSwift, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Is there a special option? For the life of me i have seen so many major accidents in 25 races - at no time did the SC come out :(

    Is there a bug with Safety Car just like save game corrruption?
  2. The races must be equal or greater than 20% long and the option must be activated, try out a track like Monaco, Valencia, or Singapore and just ram someone off the start and the safety car should be deployed. If not I have no idea, I've never heard of this kind of glitch.
  3. Chances are they've made it very picky and turned AI crashes right down (on pro at least) so that it's not out every race. I've heard it seems to be more frequent in Legend but that's hearsay. Though in career there's no option to turn it on or off, I assume it's automatic when the required options (damage etc) are on full.
  4. It's kind of weird. I never had a safety car with default damage, but when I tweaked the damage up myself I had a safety car at Monaco, Valencia, and Hungary, all during dry racing.
  5. I'm currently at Silverstone on my career, and I've only had the SC out once, and that was in Melbourne.

    Strange thing was, there was no real reason for it to come out, I accidentally made Perez spin out at the pit entry, and the SC was deployed. Playing on 50% with Legend AI, don't really see many crashes at all tbh..
  6. In season 2 at Istanbul in career mode, 50% races and still havent seen a safety car :(
  7. Ok thank you all my races have been 3 laps at most :) i get bored after a couple of laps.
  8. Playing 50% races I've seen a few SCs, though I'm playing with 20% extra damage at the moment. Only two not on the first lap (and both not my fault): one in Singapore, one in Monza. I think I'm going to tweak up AI agression.

    Apart from the AI I think there are a few reasons why it's rarer than real life.

    1) Damage is still nowhere near realistic even with +20%. A lot of the crashes you see would break suspension.
    2) SCs only come out for DNFs/cars stuck facing wrong way on track. In real life you have SCs for a broken bit of wing on the track (off the line!). I've lost my entire front wing on the racing line and there's been no SC.
    3) In real life you get people stuck in gravel traps in hard to recover places. If you end up stopped in a gravel trap IRL it's very unlikely you'll get out, and this will sometimes cause a SC.
    4) You don't get mechanical failures so that takes away a lot of "car stuck on track" problems. Quite rare you don't see 24 finishers. IRL it's very rare that you will.