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How the hell do you people drive with a controller?!!

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Greg Latty, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Lol..Wow.. So my g27 is out of commision because of what i think is a power supply issue and im stuck trying to use my 360 controller. Man controller driving is terrible. I dont know how i did it in my forza/gran turismo days. Its like overly sensitive and its almost impossible to correct a slide.. Anyone have any suggestions for settings? Default settings are pretty much undriveable for me.
  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    I've driven keyboard for 3-4 years. Its just a matter of getting used to.
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  3. I am new to Sim racers and I use one. It took forever to get it right....or what I think right is. :)

    I think I got into the top 300 in the DTM competition was proud of that :-D
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  4. That I can't imagine ,might try though
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  5. Im playing around a bit with it and its getting a little better. I think turning down the steering sensitivity helped me..
  6. I turned it down when started, then slowly up till default again....full circle
  7. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Buy a new wheel :)
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  8. it's not to hard in amateur cause u don't need to have accurate throttle control but in get real it takes a while I have a wheel now though even if it is a crappy old driving force ex and not colliding with people in multi-player is much easier id almost call myself a clean racer now
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  9. I wish.. I love my g27. just waiting for the new power supply to come in the mail. If i do get a new wheel Im getting a major upgrade..
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  10. I might have a g25 for sale soon,
    I want a T300 rs when it becomes available here. So the G25 is out the door.
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  11. is it in good condition(not that it has to be I can probs fix it) and do you live in oz or nz(cheap shipping)? it'd cost me 200+ bucks to get a used one in nz (the market for sim racers is a waste land lol)
  12. 0% sensitivity on both steering & throttle/brake.
    5-10% of dead zone on left stick (steering) and right stick (view controls).
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  13. Curious,Why do you use 0%?

    I need to get a wheel! No idea what to get?
  14. A controller (triggers and sticks) has very small angles of movement, so less sensitivity is equal to more precision.
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  15. Try

    And the dead zones?
  16. With 0% of dead zone it's basically impossible to go straight with a controller or have the view perfectly centred. ;)

    I almost forgot...

    Another very important setting is the steering speed sensitivity, but this is a very personal setting.
    Higher is this value and less is the sensitivity of the steering at high speeds so the car is more stable, but at lower speeds it can make the steering too slow or make impossible a very tight curve.
    I usually use it at 50-60%, but the value can chance according to the game.
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  17. Just to show you an example of those settings, check the videos that I posted here and the one with Assetto Corsa in the same YT channel.

    I'm a decent player with the controller (my best time with RRRE was 54th in a competition at Indianapolis with the Camaro GT3, difficulty GetReal) but I agree that a steering wheel is the best choice for serious simracing (I have a Fanatec Porsche GT2 + CSP v1 but my simrig is in eternal W.I.P. :().
    However I know some guys that are almost unbeatable also with a controller and sincerely I don't understand how they do! :confused:
  18. I am in Canada so its probably not worth it, shipping alone would be insane :) ,
    Its in very good condition and was used a lot. I have it mounted on a racing stand so it didnt get bang around too much. I had a lot of usage on that wheel. Will be hard to let it go. :p
  19. Im kind of getting the hang of the controller. Its actually not too bad. Kind of fun actually. But theres no replacement for a wheel. heres 2 vids with me "trying" lol..

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