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How save progress in granprix mode ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Francesco Bonifacio, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. hey guys.....maybe im stupid but how i can save the progress in granprix mode??
    cuz if i dont remember wrong in f1 2010 i could save it. now i have uninstall it and dont found the dvd LoL
    i always play long weekend and for me can be very good play when i want and saving progress of practice or qualifying.

    if it is not possible is another epic fail by codemaster LoL
  2. youre the one who lost your disc. i would normally agree with most posts bashing codemasters but this is kinda funny. this is a joke,right?
  3. i dont know if you can save in other than career mod? lol
  4. wtf ?? maybe u want say im the first who lost the dvd ? lol dont care....

    so..........i want just know if there is way to save the progress in gp mode.
    the thread is start only for know this. no CM bashing and i dont know why u have understand this..mah !
  5. GP Mode is autosaving for me... If I quited to main menu after practice or qualifying, then I'm pressing "grand prix" and it says "Do you want to restart event?" just typing "no", and last grand prix appears...
  6. yeah dude.....but for me it dont save progress...i mean....if i finish the first practice im bored to play and i quit, when i rejoin granprix resuming the last event it start from the beginning eheheeh -.-"