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How right place terain textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Barbje_Keller, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hy, I'm finish working with my track and modeling terain and now time to textures. And is first my stop [​IMG]
    How right place terain textures like in this pictures:


    If I used method like on wall it was good. But now, I don't understand what is the metod used in terain [​IMG]
    I try but don't find the way how do that...[​IMG]
  2. I'm afraid it's not possible atm in btb, you cannot map every poly as you like. For that you have to go the hard way, through a 3D editor and then Wally's tools, but that's way more difficult.

    However you can work nicely with blending (keep in mind you cannot change the orientation of the texture, because the mapping in btb is repeated and projected from top (right Piddy?)). I personally use only textures where orientation is not an issue.

    Hopefully this will be possible in the future, but I believe there are big technical hurdles for that (it's the compromise between the ease you can work with btb and the features it can give).
  3. I try used method with the wall, like tyres skid marck
  4. you can make your texture size always same strukture. for example 256x256 pixel for road, 128x256 for small border or 256x256 for big border. make for all parts of your track same polygone numbers per textur field (for example 4 polygones horizontal and 4 polygones vertical (4x4 field) = one road texture (256x256 pixel). So you can control your track look some better

    on the secound picture you deform polygones, so you deform texture to. This can´t solve with btb (as i know), but with 3dprogram like 3dsmax, you can texture every polygone as you want.

    I hope i understand you problem right (i ´m not sure)

  5. hmm.. yes I understand, but I dont want used 3D max, because i nuby on this program... :poke:
  6. We did a complete map only with btb, it works too. but you must devide some times and change texture for a little bit randomnes. Somtimes use some objects like gras or so on to mask bad or boring parts. But remember, only tracksurface looks always a little bit boring, later with objects it will look much better.
    I think, play with 3dsmax is same crap as play with photoshop (to make good textures and their variations.)
    for high professional track, you must skilled with photoshop AND 3dsmax (or similar programs)
    Your work at your pictures isn´t waste, sometimes a distort trxture looks better as original.....

  7. I think that I work with photoshop very well. (I'm print dezigner :) )
    Now I learning stage work with Sketchup...
  8. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    You could use a wall for this kind of thing, or alter the cross-section materials of the track so that the edges can be changed between different types of materials. Some of this will work become a little better/easier in the next couple of BTB versions.
  9. Yes but I start my track more times ago, and when I start I don't leave free space on track. And now i can't used this method [​IMG]

    I think, that in terain must add texture place model as on walls too. And leave old model by defolt. And as you need, you can chose who as you like... :good:
    And edit terain textures in BTB (not in Xpacker...) too. Because its not to easy way, every times open Xpacker, edit textures and zip to BTB.