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How much interest in a Club Rally over the Christmas hols?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. A question for all of our regular Rally Club Members.
    Do you want a Rally on 27th / 28th December???

    Since this co-incides with the festive holidays and many of us may have family or holiday committments, I'd like to see how much interest there is to hold our regular Rally Club Event on these dates.

    I am quite happy to set up a Rally for anyone interested, but I am unlikely to be available to join it myself.

    Please let us know before 22nd December.
  2. Even though I'd be there, I vote for a break. Most of the people will probably be spending time with their families, and rallies with 3-4-5 people aren't as fun.

    Also, that'll give me a chance to catch up with the replays :D
  3. I plan on taking a break till the new year, I am rallied out at the moment.
  4. As much as I want to race in yet another event, I have to vote for a break :rolleyes:, we have a whole year to recover this lost week.
    Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year!!!
  5. LOL, I'll be using the christmas break to test for next year. ANYTHING to stay away from those bloody Xmas carols.

    Changed my mind........................I'll be driving the Mk2 Escort and having LOTS of SIDEWAYS fun, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. And you didn't even heard my whiny Romanian one's :), the English one's are a little bit happier. I must say I'm not a Christmas lover, maibe because I didn't received the gifts I was expecting for in my childhood :(.
  7. I might rally some during the break, but I probably won't be able nor willing to take part in an event on 27th or 28th. So I vote for a week's break too.
  8. yeah, even though I'd be available, let's take a break for the season. I will probably do some pickup games in GTREvo, the public crowd has become quite civilized off late, especially in the Mini or the Formula BMW.
  9. I'll be away for a bit so a break suits me too.
  10. I want rally every days
  11. my last rally is aiming for the last RDRC round... I am also planning big Christmas present so I want to take as much time I can get :)
  12. I,m up for any action in RBR over the festive period. :)
  13. I think i will be installing and testing with RSRBR2011 over the break.

    Like Dariusz if there is any rbr action going i could be keen?
  14. I just got RBR aswell!

    Downloaded RSRBR2011, and would love to test it online (so I can maybe sign up for season 2 :))
  15. No chance for me between 23.12 till 10.01, I will be home - 200 km apart from my PC.
  16. Thanks for all of your responses guys, I think we have enough info to finalise the plans.

    Given that most people are unavailable for 27th and 28th, and that we now have the release of RSRBR2011 which requires a lot of downloading, un-installation of RSRBR2010 / RBR, and re-installation of RBR / RSRBR2011, we need a break. That allows most of us to spend some quality time with our families and loved ones and re-charge our batteries for the 2011 Rally season.

    So we won't be scheduling a Club rally for next week.

    Best wishes to all of you for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. :rally::ups:
  17. Yes, from the snowy Romania, a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas for anyone, will be a better year for us, I can feel it :)!
    We will meet at the begining of the year?:thanks:
    Ps: special thanks to the guys that made this happen, the creators of this and a little thank to all the participants!!!!
  18. Is it possible to run a non-official small Club event on another day of the week? I've got an idea in my head for a fun event for those willing to get some RSRBR action, possibly with RSRBR2011 already. I'll be back around 27th probably, so I could try and organize an event on 28th or on Thursday that week.
  19. Yeah, anyone with a RSRBR login can setup a public session. If you set one up, please post the info in the forums too, if I can make it I would join to do a RSRBR2011 test.
  20. Sure Lukasz, you can set up a Rally on RSRBR2011 yourself, I imagine the method should be the same as RSRBR2010.
    If you organise one, just advise full details here (or let Senad or myself know and we can put something in the Rally Club forum).

    I'm sure there may be a few guys who want to test out their RSRBR2011 installations.