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How much f1 2015 is simulation?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Mike85, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. 100% sim 0% arcade

  2. 75% sim 25% arcade

  3. 50% sim 50% arcade

  4. 25% sim 75% arcade

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  1. Please vote!
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  2. Could you explain the question.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Does it really matter?

    It's just an opinion of some people, some of which don't even have a driving licence :D

    To me you either enjoy it or you don't. Of course that doesn't mean it can't be improved
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  4. Simon Hulbert

    Simon Hulbert

    You forgot 0% sim and I'm not being facetious.
  5. Yeah, where is 0% Sim 100% Arcade?
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  6. lol a game where u can't disable steeringassist... in which world this is nearly close to be 1% sim...
  7. Well being a simracer i Always had the intention to never buy a Codies game. However due to a recent event in wich they use this game i have bought it so i could test for it and get a feeling with it. Well obviously the game is as what i expected from Codemasters, but it is really a shame to see something like this getting rushed trough.

    The driving itself actually doesnt feel to bad at all, as i expected a lot worse. But in some sence the car actually feels like how i would expect it to feel it,.... but that also is it. However there are so many things wrong that i dont even botter to point them out. xD

    This game is made for the mass so obviously it will never be a proper sim. Ans if you let Codemasters rush out something then this is the result. Mine game will be most likely be collecting dust after this weekend. :D
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I assume you mean steering assist for a game pad here ........ so I could equally bring up the counter-argument.

    In which world is using a game pad even 1% close to being sim-like driving? :p :whistling:
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  9. As always this is a tough question, i feel like "how much of a sim" conflicts with "how good of a sim" at times...
    I mean Iracing(just using one example, don't jump on it fans) aims for full realism, but how much of that it delivers?

    Anyway i feel like they aimed (a lot) higher in terms of driving realism than previously in the series, it is a lot more involving than the previous ones.

    Could they have pushed even further? I would say yes, specially given the sales success of something like P Cars that, imo, is a further step ahead in the sim-scale.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2015
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  10. nice results!
  11. airutonpurosuto8912


    If I did this thread I would add "0% sim 100% arcade" ;) Just saying
  12. The only thing I know is that this is the best official F1 simulation ever!!!
    The game is much more interesting than real F1 at the moment.
    Go Codemasters!!!!
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  13. That's (beside the last F1 GP) actually true: The game is much more interesting than the real F1.
    Even watching the replays and switch between AI drivers, especially when they fight for positions, makes it really more watchable than the real F1.
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  14. monsieurjackb


    To answer the poll, not much of a sim. But then who am I to judge since (unfortunately) I haven't driven a V6 f1 car:cry:. Now I love the feeling of a 'proper' sim, the feedback you get and the fact that the balance of speed vs the limt exists on a knifedge. That being said, what I love about the f1 series is that you barely need to practice, you can just pick up the game and after 15-20 mins you're upto a decent pace and can have Quality long races without having to do it all in one go, though I rarely use midsession saves. Essentially, it's much less stressfull but still extremely rewarding. Personally, I don't think it matters whether it's a sim or not (which it isn't). :D:D
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  15. If you go into a mass market game expecting full simulator quality, you're going to have a bad time.
  16. Simulation is not only about the game but also about the hardware.
    The problem with so-called simulators is that most of them introduce variables that are irrelevant when you are only using a steering wheel.
    So in my opinion for most of the users, this game deserves the term simulator.

    I am having as much fun racing f1 Offline as I am playing Iracing online:)
    The only thing I do is change steering rotation degree to 470º for F1 2015 and back to 900º when playing Iracing and I'm damn happy!
  17. 0% Sim 100% Arcade. Still F1 Challenge 99-02 the best sim.
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  18. monsieurjackb


    That's a little unfair, I've had a race where Perez ended upside down....that's pretty realistic :p