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How much f1 2011 is a simulation in percentage terms?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mike85, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Please write an opinion about f1 2011 and explain why so many people call it arcade! thanx!
  2. Its 100% a simulation game, but it doesn't simulate f1 100%.

    Think what ppl mean by arcade is that CM add/remove things to make more fun for the majority of ppl. Most ppl don't want drive a f1 sim car but want the feeling they are.
  3. 60% Simulation, 40% Arcade
    It's still easy to control the car at the exit of the corners, but this game is more simulative than F1 2010.
  4. I don´t like when people call it arcade. If you want to simulate 100%, buy an F1 and run it on a real track...

    You will never have all the people happy with the game. There always be one or more that with complain about something. There will always be bugs, get use to it... At least for a while...
  5. It's not about the bugs (well, that too), neither about the things that are not there (tyre pressure), its just about the things that are there, but do not work even half realistically, namely: most part of the car setup. You cannot call yourself simulation with the current implementation of balance and springs. And the quick setups only changing aero are... no words.

    You cannot call f1201x simulation, or at least 100% simulation, as long as there are others out there (rfactor, old f1 games from EA) that implemented more things and better than f1201x does. Of course you cannot call it 100% arcade because... well, that would be Out Run.

    For me is a very nice game, considered alone. Comparing with 2010 and knowing that they had a full year for fixing and implementing stuff the result is a bit embarrassing, IMHO.
  6. 60% arcade, 40% sim.

    To me it's an arcade racer with some sim features.
  7. If I benchmark GPL as 100% simulation and Dirt3 as 50% simulation, then this game marks 60%. Setups, damage model, physics... but why does it matter if it's arcade or sim? As long as you're having fun? I've played racing games since NASCAR Racing 1 and Hawaii beta by Papyrus. But I still don't understand these proud "simmers" who looks down upon the "gamers". I'll admit... GPL was fun... but I had more fun playing MarioKart with my daughter.
  8. "An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine, usually installed in public businesses such as restaurants, bars, and amusement arcades."

    These guys saying 60% this and 40% is making me lol when they have never driven an F1 car, bet if you ask an F1 driver who isnt doing pr for the game will say the game is nothing like the real thing. Even 40%-60% is way too high, the guys at codemaster don't get to drive F1 cars all day and then go back to work to translate that into the game.
  9. I know and you might have a good point... but if you look at some onboard TV replays with hud during an f1 race, you will notice how all the drivers accelerate (throttle pressure) and brake (brake pressure) and how they turn the wheel! I think there is no need to have a godlike ability in order to be able to drive an f1 car.. who knows!

    in this game it really looks similar! so that means Codies have studied the car's handling quite well! ;-)
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I'd call F1 2011 the same as F1 2010 last year: simcade.

    It's not hardcore in terms of physics. But its also not a Mario Kart with powerups and other items to speed up your car. Decent racing game and overall good fun!
  11. Ever seen Richard Hammond try to drive an F1 car. Not saying either that you have to be godlike to drive an F1 car, it does take god like money to build a real simulator and that is not in codemasters budget.

    Its a game, if its good game thats up to you.
  12. Exactly why I benchmarked GPL as the 100%. But you're right none of us drove the F1 car INCLUDING you. You saying 40%~60% being too high has no grounds either. It's all just matter opinion and you can give your opinion too but can't discredit other opinions based on... nothing.

    Speaking of percentage, F1 is 90% car and 10% driver. Just look at where Hamilton, Webber, Massa, and Button were in mediocre cars. And I'd bet if you stick a current Lotus driver in a Redbull, he'll win the championship. I don't believe modern F1 cars are that hard to drive.
  13. Excellent point and unfortunately true... (I'd love to see Vettel driving for Mercedes with Shumi! He would be a NONsense, NOT a winner)
  14. Very true, I was just as bad saying 60%-40% is too high.

    By the way Hamiliton said F1 cars are very hard to drive on the same ep of topgear Hammond tried to drive the F1 car :)
  15. For me F1 2011 close enough to a simulation. It simulates various elements of the car. Some are overlooked, the setups are simplified somewhat, but I have a great time driving on it.

    On the other topic. Two, maybe three weeks ago, Tom Cruise got a chance to drive the Red Bull F1 car. According to the reports, go figure, he did fairly well for his first time on an F1, with a reasonable pace. (Didn't crash the car miserably).
  16. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    So can you explain Luca Badoer`s terrible performance in 2009?
  17. I don't know... is he a current Lotus driver? I obviously didn't mean you can pick anyone off the street and put him in a Redbull to win the championship. Badoer was a test driver and obviously lacked racing and strategic experience. That was his first F1 race in 10 years and he was almost 40 years old. Considering the circumstances, I believe he proved my point. For someone who subbed for a regular with short notice, he was only 2 seconds per lap off the race winner at Belgium.

    But in comparison to other motorsports, I don't believe F1 cars are all that difficult to drive. Montoya is a prime proof of that. My memories are a bit sketchy but I believe Jeff Gordon for being first time in an F1 was only 4 seconds off the pole that year at Indy. Car probably wasn't even setup properly. While Montoya spun Gordon's stock car several times. He's yet to win at an oval and even his road course records in a stock car isn't excellent compared to other regulars or even Boris Said.
  18. I just call it fun.
  19. Questions-

    I'd like to get this game. I got 2010, but found so many things frustrating.
    I'm currently Iracing (to give you an idea of what I look for in a game)- so I have some specific questions
    I would play with G27, all aids off, on hardest difficulty full races
    1) if your car gets hit from behind, do you get damaged in 2011
    2) I understand the setups are dummed down,(compared to iracing/race07/rfactor) are they generally similar to 2010?
    (I can live with that, as i would approach this game a bit more light)
    3) AI- do they still seem to rubberband? suffer the same mech failures as human? are ai cars affected by fuel load?
    4) tire simulation- seem much more realistic?
    5) does split time show? ie, your laptime- sec behind car x, sec ahead of car y?
    6) does the ai actually qual or just get in the way....
    7) i have read that the communication is much better from crew chief. How so?
    8) do the PITS WORK????
    9) on the career mode, starting out, is it possible to win or top 5 with lotus or virgin?
    10) are lap times on hardest difficulty close to real f1 lap times?
    11) can spins be stopped by the "tap break pedal" method...i hated that one.
  20. Oh please. You really think that? Have you ever driven ANY form of race car?

    100% arcade, and a great one at that.